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Brian Rose is an ex banker

Red flag

Brian Rose is complaining about being- censored on youtube

Another red flag.

For interviewing David Icke

Yawn..red flag. Icke’s been around for 30 years and he's all over youtube

But Brian is still talking to a huge audience on youtube..

Wait a minute, that’s like buying everyone a drink in a pub you’ve just been barred from…

..isn’t it!!?

Oh, but he’s allowed to stay

So long as he plays by the rules

Uh.. Ok but..

ever since he was a boy’, Brian, ‘doesn’t take orders from anyone’

Except when he was working his way up the greasy pole in the corporate banking world. So high in fact, that he was a house guest of Richard Branson at his châteaux in Switzerland, which is the story he begins with in his
Ted Talk (see next post)

Which means that Brian is ‘going to do it even more’, now that he has ‘figured out why the video was banned’

Because what the world needs right now, is even more videos of people interviewing Britian’s most successful gatekeeper. 30 years isn’t enough, even at this late hour.

More interviews with people who don't have a single idea on what to do about ..the government.. but are very concerned.

When the worlds population that think Icke's the conspiracy theorist who believes the Queen's a shapeshifting lizard find out about this, they will all come over to our side, and then we'll see the cabal back off.

Haha Brian nice try, that’ll fool some people for a while

I think we've all seen this movie before.

Getting a litlte worn round the edges

Personally, I’d rather have millions of woke up sheep like me, pushing back in a tiny way, rather than one giant shepherd like you.

And if I’m wrong about you, where’s the downside in that?

We don’t need an ex banker who ‘doesn’t care if youtube demonetises me’

I’m going to be starved out of society when I refuse that vaccination Brian.

People like me have got far more to lose than you ever will, while you lead the sheep into a cul de sac.

Nobody else got banned. Their videos with millions of subscribers, talking about the same things, they’re still there. You said so yourself.

Brians interview got banned because his video was

‘the most popular video ever, talking about these topics’.

(You really shouldn’t write your own reviews Brian, but carry on)

‘Made in the most professional way’

youtube hates that

‘Articulated in the best way’

I wouldn’t know. listening to David Icke repeat what he’s being saying since the internet was invented is, for me, like listening to a sedated tortoise in a slow motion replay

‘I know that sounds a little counter intuitive’

Not to me, Brian

‘If this episode had been live, It would have hit 20 million views by now’

That would have collapsed the entire Global Cabal...or the comments section, whichever came first

But youtube viewing figures are, according to many youtubers, manipulated by youtube

How do we know how many views the video got?

maybe it got 100k and not 3-4 million

youtube giveth the views or taketh the views as and when it suits

youtube does wot it likes

an’ it likes what it does

So, too many people would see it.

Youtube isn’t worried about the 100’s of other channels with their millions of subscribers. They can all stay.

We’ve seen this dog and pony show over and over again.

We are not lacking information by now. It's there for those who want to find it.

We are lacking ideas.

Brian hasn’t got any new ideas.

And neither has David Icke

He never did.

(I was going to review Brian Rose’s Ted Talk in this post but it would make for too long a post so I’ll do that in the next one.
After that I want to post something positive because it all seems a bit negative so far in here. I’m actually feeling optimistic today)

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Brian Rose Ted Talk,

His 'story' that he opens the talk with is a whitewash of his banking career. Rather than hide his past, he attempts to spin it in a positive way and quickly leave it behind.

Yes, I was a banker, but I'm one of you now, and let's all fight the good fight together.

It almost works, because you are kind of championing a member of a despised (by many) group to do the right thing and come over to our side.

It's bit reminiscent of how Jeffrey Archer and Jeremy Atkins found God in prison.

Not very convincing

Neither am I convinced that, having quit the city, he was: '"terrified about what would come next"

Words are like spells. If he says the word 'terrified' we see terror for a second or two. Whereas if I say the word conman, that little bubble bursts and then you make your mind up.

But if you are not listening crtically , then he is literally controlling your mind for the time that he is speaking. Later, you come out of that little spell and think/talk it all over. It's just a sales pitch at the end of the day.

He names drops a few gatekeepers like Neil De Grasse Tyson before saying (paraphrasing) :"if I told you that it is easy to achieve your goals by doing the right things, I'd be lying".

That line is designed to make you think, he wouldn't lie to me, because he's shown me how he could have, but he can't because he is too honest. It's just another way of saying, "honest guv I swear on me muvvers life"

"'When you go to make change, you encounter this overwhelming force of what the author Steven Pressfield calls resistance."

If you asked yourself why he needed to mention that particular author, or any author, to make that point, then that's a good question.

But again, he just painted some imagery in your mind about little Brian with his trusty sword crusading against the world and it's oppressors trying to stop him. Stop him setting up a radio show?

(paraphrasing): "Resistance comes from everywhere, your friends and family will think you're crazy...

Well they will, because you almost certainly won't know what the hell you're talking about for a few years. And you will not exactly be a happy camper while you are on that journey.

...so you have to leave all those folks behind and 'go forward alone' and find what Brian likes to call 'your new tribe'

Away from the people who know you best and have your best interests at heart. The people who Icke and friends call 'sheeple'.

Forget them, join an echo chamber of people who've been coralled into a non threatening cul de sac where no change will manifest in the real world.

You're now a follower of Brian, or someone else like him. The nearest most people will ever get to enjoying his lifestyle or developing their full potential.

'And it's these same people who are gonna make you accountable to the kind of person you want to become'

Sounds like group think bordering on cult like behaviour. That it is how the media portray the world. Isolated groups all at war with each other. Brian sounds like he's buying into that rather than destroying the myth.

'So I say, if your friends and family think you're crazy, then you're doing something right'

Like how Brian's family thought he was crazy when he went into banking and ended up being a house guest of Richard Branson. That kind of crazy?

I say if your own family, who know you best, think you are doing something crazy, then you almost certainly are. But I'm not making a sales pitch. Brian is.

'But the most powerful form of resistance comes from you'

This is the cliche planted line that will make any kind of failure to succeed your fault. There was nothing wrong with the trading plan. You didn't follow it. That suggestion will always let Brian off the hook.

'95% of research is procrastination in diguise AKA fear'.

I guess if you just want to change the world by taking the fight to those that run it, 5% will do. That would be enough wouldn't it?

'perfection is procrastination'

I don't remember reading that in 1984 but it would fit on a page in it somewhere. It sounds like NLP.

Weigh that statement in your mind with the one about it taking 10k hours to become expert in anything. Then you can gauge Brian's real expectations from his listeners. Shepherd, cul de sac.

Brian is a very good speaker, but he wasn't aiming for perfection, No. Even though he chose every word carefully and it really shows.

(Paraphrasing) But the more successfull I became the more nothing changed. The more accountable I was to my tribe the more the echo chamber made no difference at all and so:

"How do we know when we have created change"?

Well for me, Brian, it's when Bill Gates and all the people like him are in jail.

When we all start living an honest, ethical life in harmony with others and our surroundings.

Maybe when you have another 33 radio stations in your Empire

Or maybe never.
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I'll continue to call this a Blatant Hoax
and a Psyop

Instigated by psycopaths

Implemented by useful idiots

This is a crime against humanity on the biggest scale we've ever seen

Almost the entire world in 'lockdown' on a pack of lies

The evidence, was there from the beginning

The lies continue to unravel

If you were not one of those suffering from cognitive dissonance

but allowed peer pressure to silence you

you can make up for that now

by adding your voice to the growing calls to end this disaster immediately

and by demanding that those responsible are dealt with in a way that makes it impossible to commit this level of crime ever again

The cockroaches must not be allowed to crawl back under the rock

The stolen money must be returned- proceeds of this crime must be recovered

criminal organisations de-funded and replaced

It is time- for those that speak the truth to drown out the lies

For too long, it has been the other way around.

It is time- for the whistleblowers to come out in even greater numbers

knowing that they will be overwhelmingly supported by the people


It is time- for expert opinion that was ignored and shut out, to give testimony and be central to the reorganisation of the medical profession once the profiteering cartel is rooted out.

Those that continue to ignore, defend, justify, rationalize and excuse this crime and attempt to silence the truth merely prove the wisdom of the quote:

'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'

The global elite, their puppets, the sociopaths in our own government



who paid lip service to the institution (NHS) they are silencing and secretly destroying

all played a part in imprisoning us in our own homes and shaming and prosecuting those who refused to be treated like slaves.

It was they- who instructed the police to enforce this tyranny using undemocratic power.

It was they- who directed the media to bombard us with propaganda, lies and social shaming

It was they- who listened to proven liars and psycopaths

It was they- who silenced expert alternative opinion

It was they- who announced that the world had changed and that Tyranny was justified

All while they knew the truth of the reality on the ground

the evidence of which was gathered by the public doing the job the media no longer do- report truth.

And they ignored it.

Pretending it simply did not exist while encouraging us to clap the NHS in a bizarre, sick and twisted ritual

This deceit is now unravelling rapidly.

Yes, there should be a New World Order

A world of peace, freedom and prosperity

We must root out from public life the toxic army of useful idiots that run

our- Government

our- Education System

our- National Health Service

our- Police Force.

Those who have been fined must be recompensed- every last penny

The prosecuted, pardoned

The silenced, given voice

The tyranny that began the day after 911, reversed and defeated

Power must be held to account and that account must be paid in full

The State, which secretly fears the people must see the reality of that fear manifested
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Why "useful" as opposed to "useless" ?

2 Minutes 2 Midnight
Useful idiot

In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause's goals, and who is cynically used by the cause's leaders. The term was originally used during the Cold War to describe non-communists regarded as susceptible to communist propaganda and manipulation. The term has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, but this attribution is unsubstantiated. More at Wikipedia

Wikipedia missed out the part that explains how you need plenty of useful idiots if you want to kill millions of people

The next wave of people into the concentration/death camps are most of the useful idiots themselves

(when they are no longer useful)

Wikipedia missed that part out also

Probably because Wikipedia knows that useful idiots are crucial to the current planned tyranny

And because Wikipedia is anti useful knowledge

especially history, which teaches you everything

One day Wikipedia will casually explain how typing this

put other lives at risk (from the flu)

Some readers here will feel the need to report me in the not too distant future

In exchange for a few dog treats from the state (so they can keep 'putting food on the table')

Many of them will end up in the camps too

If you want a vision of the future , look at the past

'it can't happen here' ?

It just got started

Another explanation of how easy it is to carry out genocide

Snitches Get Rewards

It is nearly 20 years since 911

20 years of apathy and cognitive dissonance has brought us to this

It was 2 minutes 2 midnight when I started this thread

We were joking around, trying to make the best of it,

Then the joking turned to whistling in the dark

There seems to be a sense of numbness out there now, as the reality is sinking in

None of the things that should turn this around are making any difference

that too, is part of the plan

People keep looking towards the state for the good guys in there to do something

That didn't ever work before

so don't count on it now, trade what you see

The 201 script says we try going back to normal and then the virus gets worse

May 15 is a date that might see the lockdown lifted

there will still be social distancing probably

A small window of time before it gets even worse

We might see the internet or parts of it go down

Some people might disappear; when was the last time you thought about Julian Assange?

Can you only think of him when the media tell you to?

Keep remembering exactly what has been explicitly stated:

You will not get your life back until you are tested and force vaccinated

Social exclusion and starvation are real and intended consequences for those who refuse

unless we ALL refuse

What we each do now, will decide what kind of world we wake up to tomorrow
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Our law-enforcement agencies, politicians and corporate overlords are working hard, night and day, to protect us from this terrible disease. Consider sparing a thought for our brave boys in black this evening during your allotted compulsory appreciation window.

REPORT ALL NON-APPRECIATORS TO YOUR NEAREST SURVEILLANCE DRONE. Those guilty of virus denial or other forms of sedition weaken our morale and can cause outbreaks.

Remember, good citizenship will earn you a higher place on the vaccination schedule.

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Wondering how the world got locked down because of Flu?

Screenshot (1524).png
Screenshot (1523).png
Screenshot (1527).png
Screenshot (1522).png
this vid 6.png


  • Screenshot (1526).png
    Screenshot (1526).png
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Some legal advice ..

The Coronavirus lockdown is unlawful and the fines issued are void
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Remember, it wasn't a hoax. The flu is very real.

And if you want real answers you don't get them in soft interviews like this.

But that's OK because enough facts are out there now


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Brian Rose is an ex banker
Red flag
Brian Rose is complaining about being- censored on youtube
Another red flag.
For interviewing David Icke
Yawn..red flag. Icke’s been around for 30 years and he's all over youtube

I wouldn’t know. listening to David Icke repeat what he’s being saying since the internet was invented is, for me, like listening to a sedated tortoise in a slow motion replay

‘I know that sounds a little counter intuitive’

You mention David Icke's OLD idea's, do you think they are valid?

David Knight

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You mention David Icke's OLD idea's, do you think they are valid?

Maybe you missed this



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Maybe you missed this

Ah didnt realise you still had your panties in a twist over that. Still its easier to ignore someone than defend an indefensible argument.

The reason for my question was Ike believes the world is run by Lizard people, you know 'aliens from another planet' stuff. Now your either taking his ideas in a pick and mix fashion ie some are true and some are not in which case how do you know the ones YOU picked are true? OR you believe everything he says is true and humans are being controlled by alien lizards. In which case I withdraw my comment that your an idiot ... you're a complete whackjob!
You also seem to intimate the Americans didnt put a man on the moon which is absurd, even the Russians dont deny the Americans did that. I'm not going to 'cancel' you because thats childish and puerile if you cant back up your absurd claims then I will continue to point them out for what they are and let people with an actual brain decide for themselves.
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