Wide Chart Postings - A Suggestion


In view of the fact that people post charts that are so wide you have to scroll back and forth to see who has posted any of the messages following on, can I suggest the following:

On the bar above the post, is it possible to include the name of the member that has posted. This will allow all of us to know who is posting without having to keep scrolling back and forth which is, quite frankly, driving me mad.

Thanks and in hope,

...if you have intelllimouse then you can use scroll wheel to 'auto scroll...just click mouse scroll wheel (if your settings are set) an arrow will appear on screen..after that as you move mouse the chart screen move accordingly...and NO CLICKS at all..

You can scroll anything that is open by the way...word. excel, long web page, chart etc etc....
Hahaaa, I thought I would be reasonable and polite without specifically pointing a finger as it keeps a good all round atmosphere which I am sure you would agree with.

Hi all

I know this has been mentioned before, but I do think Paul has a point.

Sharky - Is it possible to use the javascript "Mouseover" command in some way so that you only see half the chart until you put the mouse over it (which then displays the full chart). Just a suggestion - one of those things I know is possible, just haven't got a clue how to do it :rolleyes:
I have windows 98 , I had occasion to increase my screen area.
i.e. Control , Display ,Settings, then I set my screen area to
1024*768 pixels. That did the trick , I had lost interest or had lost the point in the charts.
On my screen, some charts can look to small. I use 1,024x768 on a 17 inch screen. Most websites are designed to be viewed at 800x600 but most people have big monitors with higher resolution.

It is hard to cater for all screen sizes and resolutions, as I have found with my own website design.
Just had another thought peeps (I remember now why I have to sit down at the computer - only way I don't hurt myself when I get these flashes of inspiration :cheesy: )

Why not post a mini chart with a link to the full size one, which is opened in a different window. Something along the lines of this:

<img src="http://www.trade2win.co.uk/gallery/data/506/786snapshot.JPG" width="409" height ="153">
Click here to enlarge chart

Sharky would need to program it to pick up any picture bigger than 600x400 in size and give it the correct coding

As I say, just a thought. :)
Hi folks,

Thanks for the suggestions.

Paul I think I know what you mean but would be grateful for some more clarity. Do you mean to have the name repeated on the right hand column (where posts are split by name/no. posts/register date etc, on the left and the body of the post on the right?) - Perhaps next to the Post ID (That we also added in on a members request, so it was easier to refer to individual posts)? Or did you have somewhere else in mind?

Thanks FTSE for the image resize suggestion.. it would be nice wouldn't it!? I did look some time ago at something similar, except where an image was over a certain size it would instead display a link to it - so the image would appear in a pop-up window. We could possibly do something like that, showing a smaller sized image would be even better, as you immediately know what to expect without clicking on the links individually.

Hi Paul,

All I wanted was to be able to know who has posted without having to scroll to the left every time that I scroll downwards on posts that have wide charts. You may well have a number of "easy to implement" solutions to do this.

Thanks for listening