Restricting Chart Width when Posting


Is it possible to restrict the width that posted charts take up ?

The reason I ask is that, on a number of different forums, charts have been posted that increase the width of the page and as such you have to scroll back and forth just to read the other posts on the thread which is a real inconvenience. I would have thought there must be a way to limit this.

Hi Trader333,

I can add this restriction, or at least automatically resize images that are too big. Of course whoever is posting the image can resize it or crop it so it is smaller, but I appreciate that not everyone is as handy with photo editing programs. Okay leave it with me, I'll provide an update on this thread later tonight.

Also moving this thread into Website Feedback, where I encourage everyone to continue to offer opinions and suggestions on the site.

I've put into place a restriciton of 735 width and 1000 height for all image attachments. This is the maximum allowed width to enable you to view the image on a 1024 x 768 resolution monitor without having to scroll left and right. Note, this doesn't affect images displayed through the inline vB Code IMG tag.

If you need to upload a larger image then mail me and I'll arrange to have it posted for you. And if this restriction proves unpopular, making it too difficult to edit the image to fit the restrictions also let me know.

Paul, I post at 850 x500 which fits fine without scrolling , 17" minitor, 800x600 resolution.....