Please explain IB!!


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Would someone please tell me what IB is? I can only guess it means 'Internet Broker' but people seem to be referring to it as if it is a specific website or similar.

If it is a website would someone provide the link.

Thanks in advance.


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Keano wins by a nose! :D


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There are two meanings of IB.

As boy/keano have said, on these boards it refers to Interactive Brokers, a brokerage company.

However, on many brokerage websites in the US you will see the term IB used, and in these cases it means 'introducing broker'. In other words, they act as an introducing broker to a larger brokerage company through which your transactions would clear.

And as Interactive Brokers is the largest retail brokerage they don't have introducing brokers so you can't be an IB to IB. :cheesy:


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Skim, you carry on being helpful and explaining things like that and you'll be 'invited' to edit a beginners guide. And these guys don't take no for an answer.


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Perhaps I should volunteer to do a Beginners Guide to Knitting and Trading?

Along the lines of ... Knit 1, Short 1, Purl 1, Cover 1, Knit 1, Purl 1, etc.


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boy said:
Keano wins by a nose! :D

lol. good race boy. I had a fiver on me between the trading and the gambling, im nearly break-even for the day :)


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As I have shouldered the burden of editing the software & datafeeds guides & as IB provides data as well as being a direct access broker I was intending to cover it in the Data Feeds guide. Its really up to Sharky where it goes though.

Guides rule OK and Skim will be handing out the knitting badges soon LOL


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Well I thought that if you are a proper regulated broker firm and offer CFDs to your clients, then your clients will be contracting directly with the CFD provider while you look after the broking side. I thought this was an Introducing Broker set up.

As I understand it, Patricia is referring to an Introducer Agreement whereby you just have to introduce traders to e.g. a CFD provider and in return, you will receive a rebate.
My cousin has a CFD account with GNI Touch and he is set up on one of these Introducer Agreements. He has a couple of friends and colleagues who have gone on to open an account with GNI and as a result he receives a percentage of the commission that they generate. Not bad for not really doing alot ! :)
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