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I know little or nothing about this company but the stock was selected by Realities short term EDS. Just look at the gain of 60% in 9 days. Sort of stuff dreams are made of. If only we could forecast this type of rise we would all retire rich and sit on some hot beach discussing our portfolios. Look also at the massive rise in OBV and MF over this period. Beware as it could go both ways, either this is the start of a trend or it could retrace, burning anyone brave enough to jump on board at this late stage. Interesting that it has risen steadily at a time of market voalility, almost doing it's own thing and ignoring the rest of the market.

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Closed at 122. 130 will represent 50% retracement. I would prefer to see a period of consolidation followed by a positive breakout before I jump on board.

You are right though about these miracle shares. I guess that the sharp rise over Ma's, breakout of Bollingers, and steep rising MACd + good volume are retrospectively obvious. The difficulty is prospectively.....

This chart jumps right out at you- non confirmation all over the place for 3 weeks before she blew- Velocity,CCI, TCI, SVMA,VPTREND etc.
PVOL and NVOL also gave buy signals.Bugger!
Well you know what to look for in EDS....


Warning.....It has had the classic breakout, expansion and exhaustion gap ups- this could be the end of the rise.I wouldn't like to get in now!

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Had PTS on my list for a few
days, goes up so quickly on very little volume its hard to jump in. Been going up since 1/12 from about 78p.Friday the spread went from 110-118 to 125-127 in four jumps , MM's playing.
MCO is another its zooming up too,
but trades make little sense, hard to tell a buy from a sell. NFT another thats involve in takeover talks all zooming up, have not bought any yet, still watching. please dyor
MCO up 11% today, on 5 times as many sells as buys, 51/2 times as many don't knows as buys, must be MM's at work?.
PTS 3m traded not moved at all?.


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MCO Meconic up another 2.6% today thats a rise, from 127p to 196p in 5 days , the reason, Schroder investment bought 4.5 m shares on the (????) company informed on the 15th Dec. announced today. they think its a good investment, probably overbought now, or is there still a way to go before the top . TA still looks impressive though, RSI rising to 70, Stochastics high, price approaching 200 day ema, volume very high.Will it retrace to 170p as quickly as it rose, or carry on to 210-220p?? Dyor please



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