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I have spent last two days monitoring this share. Yesterday it lost 19.75p and closed on low. Today the share held positive ground until the last hour of trading when it was suddenly marked down for no good reason other than to panic new buyers into selling out. The share ended off 10p, again on the low of the day @ £4.50. I thought about buying earlier but smelt a rat. I was right. The rat was the MM. I have been there too often. The real give away is revealed on the weekly chart. This is often useful to remove the noise. Weekly indicators suggest a continuation of the downtrend. Even on the daily chart no rise in OBV or MF. It appears to have formed a double bottom but price is in a downtrend, making new closing lows with each day and it is difficult to know when it will bounce. I rather thought there was some further bad news in the chart yesterday and feared the worst this morning but nothing announced. This share has suffered unprecendented selling and I can only think that somebody knows something I don't. Still worth watching closely as sentiment towards a stock can change rapidly and it will surely bounce soon.

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I agree with Tx..PIC is worth watching..been on my watch list for a while..left awkward bid/offer prices for the new year..488/465..Mid Price: 455

Though it's not all bullish chatwise..still worth to point to the price bouncing off the lower Bolinger Band and heading up to cross over the 5 day EMA..14 day MFI has also headed up...

Both the charts and the performance of the price suggest more swings..which way? first up I reckon, but need to watch it a few days after tuesday..

Finally it might be worth to note that I've been watching this stock to swing trade it...


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RNS Number:4848W
Pace Micro Technology PLC
29 December 2000

An Additional Price Monitoring Extension has been activated in this security.

I found many BB users asking what this is and got this answer:
"The auction call period is subject to extension in certain circumstances. Should there be a significant price movement away from the last automated traded price which would cause the auction price to reach the determined price limits, a price monitoring extension of two minutes will be added to the normal auction call time period. In the event that market orders would be left unexecuted were the crossing algorithm to run at the end of the auction call a market order extension of two minutes will be implemented. London Stock Exchange members will be able to enter additional orders and delete and amend existing ones. Only one price monitoring extension and one market order extension may be applied per auction, however, the two can occur consecutively in either sequence and both will be subject to a random end time of 0-30 seconds."

Pace Micro Technology PLC
2 January 2001

Pace Micro Technology plc will be announcing its Interim Results on Monday 8th
January 2001.

For further information please contact Ginny Pulbrook or Rupert Steveney at
Citigate Dewe Rogerson on 020 7282 2843.
PIC up +66.75 (+14.8%) to 519.25 today...after announcing results much better than expected..ABN Amro reiterated its “buy” stance on the shares at 452.5 after today’s results, and is maintaining its price target at 650...

*Ord Shs
SEDOL CODE *667-278
PERIOD *26 weeks ended 02-12-00

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Spotted it at open this morning. Just didnt have the confidence in the current climate to step in even at 470. With the Naz heading for 2300 could easily shed gains in hours.

With the benefit of hindsight and a skinny stop loss was surely worth a gamble.

To the top.
We do not call it "insider trading". We call it "smart money". You may want to see my article today and then comment on it.
A good lesson on how to benefit from the on-balance volume, and more!
You may ALSO want to keep on monitoring this stock in the next days to see what our good friends "SMART MONEY" are up to!

The above does not represent financial advice.
Pace Micro hits intraday 700p

Hi, I have just registered after receiving a reference to this site from a member of our Cheshire Investors Club. The club is called SIGNet (Serious Investors Group Network). We meet once a month at Knutsford.

Re Pace.

I have held Pace on and off for over two years, initially buying at 80p and selling at various prices up to 1100p. Recently went back in at 500p. Today they went up to 700p and closed at 675p.

Q. Is there more to go? Feb issue of Money Observer (out yesterday) says that Schroder's Chris Rogers reckons it's back in BUY territory for the opportunities in the USA.
Does anyone agree?

This looks like a very good site.

Vic Taylor
Welcome Erik!

I'm pleased that we've been recommended - and I hope we live up to the recommendation! And of course we'd be pleased to see any other members of SIGNet in Knutsford.
Sold at 548 on Jan 12 for +50 could have been + lots more, so don't worry about confidence Cookie and that was after hitting this one big last year when i was being told not to try and guess the bottom.