Barratt Developments (BDEV)


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Retraced from £3.26 on 28/11 to £2.96 15/11- 13 trading days. Has been identified by Fuzzy Logic EDS for several days. Price just above lower BB. Rise of 2.5p on friday. Depending on what happens in the market next week this share could head north. I do not like the look of the negative volume indicator or SK/SD but OBV and MF have turned up on friday and MACD could be turning up. RSI also turned up at the figure of 43.5. It is possible for a continuation downward until price is below lower BB to form a double bottom. This share can be unpredictable in both directions but is fully capable of jumping 20p ish in a single trading day. What do you think people?

No financial advice intended

On my settings, MACD has crossed and going down, and so are my 10 day MA is heading south crossing the 20MA.

In favour are the fact it has traded in a rising trend, and may be about to rise in this trend (though this is the first time in that trend MA crosover has occurred). The other strength is it is not a tech stock, and people may seek this out over the coming days. One to watch, in my opinion.

Also have a look at Wimpey WMPY, doing just the same.
I reckon it is about to start the 3rd part of its uptrend, distribution, as Mr Dow calls it. Joe Public are finally taking note, but the clever money starts slipping away.
I'm using 11,66,33 on MACD, which catches the trend. Still heading downwards. My RSI and Stoch have just risen slightly.
We've got to learn how to pick up the trends much earlier, after the accumulation phase. The middle phase is usually the big price mover.