EDS Problem (ARK)

Pleased to hear of your experience Joe for I was impressed enough with the website to give serious consideration to it.

I spent hours and hours working with Neurostock. I can't say I was over successful. It doesn't choose a stock for you, it basically monitors it for you.

So I came to the conclusion that instead of me monitoring NS monitoring the share... I may as well monitor the share directly myself.

But there are people that like it and are successful with it. There are some sites where people discuss settings etc, they get very complicated and I can't help thinking something is wrong if you have to find wierd and wonderful parameters for it to work.

Not sure whether to start here, or a new thread.....
I am starting to look into some software. What I need is something that is clear and simple to use ie. not too complex. It should be chart based, and I would like it to point out to me shares with eg high volume, MACD crossover, MA crossover, rising RSI etc, and from this short list allow me to study a handful of shares in depth. It should be easy and flexible to configure to my settings
Does a program exist to do this? Or are the mostly to allow you to monitor it monitoring your shares? You advise is appreciated - like Uncle said, Neurostock looks interesting in theory, but then as Cigar says, may not be what I am looking for!!
cheers, Mark

Metastock should be the answer to your quest.
There is an explorer from which you can explore the whole market or particular sectors or indices or a particluar group of shares to suit your trading style. You can download end of day from Citifeed from 6 30 pm

Obtain a demo disc from
Q-data Tel 01594 810077 Fax 810851
[email protected]

But check out others before deciding.

Best wishes

I think one thing Neurostock does is open your eyes to what profits can be made with by timing buys/sells.
You have to 'train' NS for a 2 yr period when NS tries to best fit the price, and puts in its theoretical buys and sells. It starts the 2 yr period with $1000 and calculates the final figure... and it is amazing. An FT100 can easily return 30x in the 2 yrs. ARM was giving 300x. Average holds were ~ 8-10 days.
It shows what can be earnt from this game by getting those buys and sells timed right, rather than looking for the golden share that will double next week.
Please note that,
1) Neurostock is not the same software program as Neuroshell.

2) Neurostock does not allow traditional TA to be a part of the buy/sell signal, Neuroshell does.

3) Neurostock has no optimization facility for either the indicator choice or its settings.

4) Neurostock does not support cross-correlation of stock to sector.

5) Neurostock does not have EVENT CODE as a part of its reasoning engine. This means if after its buy confirmation there is a profit warning for the stock, neurostock's confirmation still remains un-changed.(Surely this can't be right)

None of the Neural based software are designed to select stocks for you. You select them and their job is to agree or dis-agree with your selections.

Adaptive system does not have to use any Neural Optimization technology. Omnitrader uses other algorithm to justify the use of a particular indicator (they call it ARM:- Adaptive reasoning something)

Conclusion:- USE a short lister (AIQ or similar package) and run the selection through a more advanced beast to confirm or reject your short listed stock. Alternativley go through all the short listed stocks manually and screen them again as I explained in my first post.

The bottom line is, if you use AIQ you must understand the indicators are not dynamic and your short-listed stocks must not be trusted. (I have explained why).

EDS must be looked as a decision support system as I explained in my previous lecture.

I use neuroshell (through a trading collegue) to invest in stocks for short term trading. Export the data from investorease in metastock or .CSV format and let neuroshell to read the data. You need at least 2 years of data)

PS Neuroshell gives you next 5 days price movement. Excellent stuff.

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