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It should be common knowledge that each stock has its own individuality....As far as getting a EDS to pick these huge risers, it's a big problem. I think most of these big rises cannot be predicted repeatedly by TA.
Please see my EDS under TA BB. Here I have posted a routine that back picks with hindsight those stocks that have risen by more than 50% in 10 days.It's easily adaptable to suit your own quest.From there, you can look at each stock and see if there are any common factors in there somewhere...

Have fun.
Martin thanks for your effort this weekend, the EDS will be useful model for study of stocks that go ballistic. The point you make about many of the selections that rise exponentially, being relatively new stocks, is something I too have noticed in recent weeks. I almost think there is a valid trading strategy in watching new floats. I observe their tendency to rise then retrace. Next they begin a climb to find their true value. That is the action I want to capture. After I download Bobs Sunday maintenance file I run one of my EDS scans to determine relative strength of stocks and bingo, the strongest stocks are always the new floats. That way I identify new float stocks to watch. This is no accident, the reason new stocks are strong is that nearly all trade is one way, eg, stock is floated which gives a false strength reading. I hope you are following my argument. It is what happens in the weeks after float that is of interest to us. TMA is only one example of that dynamic. So I actually think we may have hit on several interesting things this weekend. I know you say everyone knows about stocks having individuality but I for one was not aware of the significance until Dr Iraj spelt it out. I hope I am bright enough to keep up, would not want to get left behind in the far north mate.