Big Risers


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For those interested in persuing 'THE BIG ONE' here is a 'reverse engineered' EDS.
It picks stocks that have risen by > 50% in the last 10 days.A bit of a 'cart before the horse'!However, it may lead you on to discover some commonality between them.....
Ignore the profit/ loss figures- look at all the selections and do not use 'sell' condition.Backtested over 6 months, its strange how a lot of the selections are 'recent issues'.....

rise if val([close],10)*1.5<[close].
pr if [close]>10.
vol if [volume] >10.
stk if val([stochastic],10)<10.
Buy if rise and pr and vol and stk.

!exit rules- test for dropping off of CCI or TCI or SVMA or stachastic
! these exits are very fast and may not provide maximum profits if STRICTLY adhered to....
!They WILL protect your losses faster!
CCI if val([CCI],1)>[CCI].
TCI if val([TCI],1)>[TCI].
SVMA if val([SVMA],1)>[SVMA].
STCH if val([stochastic],1)>[stochastic].
sell if CCI or TCI or SVMA or stch.

Have fun!



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This is also useful for getting ready to short.....after 10 days of heavy rise, it has to give....

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