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Please note I use 5,35,5 settings for MACD in AIQ.If you do not set MACD to this, you may get different results.

RS32 if val([RSI Wilder],1)<32 and [RSI Wilder]>32 and [rsi wilder]<48.
! Select if RSI Wilder was less than 32 yesterday, and is greater than 32 today, but less than 48.
!RS48 if val([RSI Wilder],1)<48 and [RSI Wilder]>48 and [rsi wilder]<50.
!Alternative values for RSI.
! select volume filter (0 = volume doesn't matter).
vol if [volume]>=0 .
!select if MACD Oscillater value yesterday is greater than 0 and todays is greater than 0.5
MAC if val([macd osc],1)>0 and [macd osc]>0.5.
!select if expert rating (AIQ THING) is greater than 88.
erup if [er up]>88.
!Select if today's closing price is greater than the standard 21 day moving average
stma if [close]>[st ma].
!select if On balance Volume and Accumulated Volume % are both positive
obv if [obv pct]>0 and [va pct]>0.

select if (rs32) and stma and mac and erup and obv and vol.

!exit rules- test for dropping off of CCI or TCI or SVMA or stachastic
! these exits are very fast and may not provide maximum profits if STRICTLY adhered to....
!They WILL protect your losses faster!
!Use it to protect you from a bad entry-thet're not all winners!
exit if any one of the four are less than yesterday's value.
CCI if val([CCI],1)>[CCI].
TCI if val([TCI],1)>[TCI].
SVMA if val([SVMA],1)>[SVMA].
STCH if val([stochastic],1)>[stochastic].
sell if CCI or TCI or SVMA or stch.

You can make changes to suit you taste- RSI select point, ER select point etc.Use the exits, and then decide by further investigation if they are warranted.......

Hope its some use to you all.


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One interesting thing to note about this EDS:
Backtesting seems to produce the biggest risers over a 2-5 day maximum period.If you enter one of these selections and it hasn't performed in 5 days, it probably won't! Also, the "losers" never seem to be violent, and therefore will be unlikely to cause you severe financial damage.
The last 3 days has selected QSO,RFT,SYI,TFG and UTV.

Remember,this is not financial advice, just research for you all to follow up.


delboy trotter

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For the benefit of those of us who do not have AIQ, would you be willing to post the HG selections, each evening on the System Trading BB?




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Hi Martin

I want to test this HG using another software.

Would you kindly tell what are rules/system requirments?

i.e. what does each line in EDS means?




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Sukhi- I have edited the above EDS to give a fuller description of what each line does. Im afraid some lines contain AIQ specific indicators so you may not be able to do a direct translation.
Hope this helps.