Bioglan Pharmaceuticals (BGP)


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This share was tipped on Bloomberg as a buy at £4.36. The company makes a profit, with a strong portfolio of drugs that are already sold on the market. It appears to have formed a double bottom with its close on 26th May, 2000 at £4.47. TA signals do not look all that encouraging but it is worth keeping an eye on.

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This looks like it has a lot more downside...
TCI,CCI,SVMA, all trending down with no sine of a trend break, and more importantly, velocity just turned down, to give it impetus.

Yep, thanks reality, just what I thought, I sometimes wonder what these brokers are up to when they tip a share, knowing fine well that people will go out and buy the share at a higher price than necessary. I honestly think 'they' are all in it together to make money, newspaper tipsters, brokers, analysts, companies and MMs. The victim, who can they be, well lets have a guess........retail investors who follow these tips could be one? Stock is still worth watching when TA looks better. I think it is forming a double bottom but too early to buy. Be interesting to watch price action over next week or so. I concur...