Didn't I say that ATN................


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.....would be a penny share when I sold @ £1.38 on 22/11. (See previous post, "I just lost £800 Quid") Where will it all end, off another 14p after results. Pre-tax loss increased from £13.72m to £26.73m on tripple turnover to £32.01m. Chart indicators are looking more positive but in this market would you dare buy this share? By 11th December they could be giving it away. Bid target? Not many bidders around right now. £12.00 to 97p Is this the bottom?

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Is this the bottom????......how many times has that been asked on this or other BB's, and still the price just keeps falling.

yes you did, traderx and it was a good call..wel done..as for the bottom however I agree with John..no bottoms for anyone till the markets start an upward long term trend...

I agree with you John and Rizgar, I think this share will unzip some more. Problem is the market simply does not like loss making companies. However, there was a lot of ATN buys, mainly in small lots of 10,000 and similar amounts. You may disagree but I strongly believe this share is being descretely accumulated. EVIDENCE: Look at the positive volume indicator. Massive widening of lines and sinking lower which shows that Joe Public (including me) is dumping shares and not buying. Conversely, look at the negative volume indicator, the two lines have narrowed almost closing up and rising. This shows smart money is accumulating the stock. This is complete reversal of the picture 2 weeks ago when retail investors were buying and professional money was dumping. When enough stock has been accumulated manipulators will begin the distribution phase. Just watch the price rise when markets recover and the smart money will make a killing. So what's new?

No financial advice intended