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This share jumped 7.5p or 30% to 32.5p today. It had formed a typical cup and handle pattern. All indicators are very positive. I tried to buy 5000 shares for 28p this morning but MM refused, being twice NMS, tried to over charge me, so I left it. Ten minutes later I realised my error and bought 3000 @ 31p reducing my risk with smaller deal size. Had already done my research on this one and there is substantial downside risk but possibly significant short term rewards. Antonov is a company producing an advanced transmission system, similar technology to Torotrack, with same claims of fuel efficiency. On 21st December the company announced they may be about to sign a deal with Suzuki who manufacture 900,000 vehicles annualy. This could potentially send the share through the roof, although you would think the story would already be in the share price. DOWNSIDE: ATV lost £2m in last 12 months and it is fast running out of cash. Less than £1m working capital left. Turnover only £65k last year, employees 11. This is definately not for the faint hearted. The company will need to raise further investment capital but if it signs the deal with Suzuki then I do not foresee any difficulty. As a short term punt this share looks good, even after todays price hike. There have been some large share batches going through 150k last night and 100k at lunch time close today. In my experience whenever a MM does not want to sell you a share they know something and price is going north. Last time this happened to me was PNC Telecom which doubled in a week. I would not bet the house on this one but have a look at it and do your own reaserch please, do not blame me if you buy and it all goes pear shaped. By the way I was first allerted to this share on 22/12 by HG EDS and have done a lot of research since then. The jury is still out on this one.

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