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posted 24-12-2000 11:27
Plasman (PLM)results on 30/11, (Optical Data Storage business), makes a profit, expected to be £5 - £6 miliion full year. Company advised of slowed sales due to problems with suppliers. Not a profit warning as such but savaged by the market, shares halved in price over a couple of days, ouch for those who were holding. £1.21 bounced on 22/12 to put on 14p. Might be worth watching. There does not seem to be any good reason for this drop in price. I do not hold these shares.
The more you look, the more you find. I found this one purely at random from some old notes when share was almost £3.

no financial advice intended



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Hi Tx,
Thanks for bringing PLM to our attention..thought it deserved a separate thread..this way we can concentrate on further developments regarding this stock which looks rather interesting...

The recent profit warning seems to be due to delayed shipments from Sony of a new generation of optical drives for Plasmon’s optical libraries...

House broker Investec Henderson Crosthwaite has cut its full-year sales forecast by £7m to £70m, nearly same as last year. The forecast for profit before goodwill and tax has been cut from £7.4m to £5.5m, that gives EPS of 13.25p...

Digital data storage is a huge growth market and PLM seems to have good medium term growth potential...this quotation from econommist puts it more clearly: "MORE data will be created in the next three years, say researchers at the University of California, than in the whole of human history. And all this new information will have to go somewhere. Little wonder that data-storage companies, which sell the refrigerator-sized units used to store information in industrial quantities, are rubbing their hands, or that venture capitalists are rushing to back storage start-ups."

Chartwise: price jumped up to cross over 5 days EMA which has also just headed up..looks like it won't take long for bot to cross over 10 day SMA...Stochastics: both headed up after reaching the bottom with K crossing over D...14 day RSI over 30 and sharply heading up...OBV slightly up almost flat..this is where we must get the most important signal before getting in I think..we need OBV to head up and indicate the smart money is buying...



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Cheers rizgar for quality response, just one other factor which I picked up from results statement, Plasman has gearing of only 20% which is a healthy position for any business. Sometimes with small caps any significant selling can badly hit the share price. I do not know any other reason why it dived. I agree with riz, well worth watching next week.



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up +2.5 to 116.5 still worth watching...found the following which might help those who need a full picture of PLM:

Date: 18 January2001
On behalf of: 5GM

First B2B, fully automated, legally secure email archiving solution conforming to BSI PD5000

Plasmon Data Limited, expert in removable storage, and 5GM, a leading secure Internet communication company, have announced a strategic European partnership, which aims to provide organisations with fully automated, legally secure email archiving solutions.

The agreement - which integrates Plasmon's storage technology with 5GM's secure messaging communication software - will mean that each company's respective channel partners can offer customers safe and secure business communication solutions.

"Plasmon is aware that the proof of delivery of a message or communication, along with the guarantee that the message received was the message sent, are growing concerns for companies using business to business (B2B) Internet messaging. We are pleased to be working with 5GM to provide solutions which ensure that 'best evidence' is available within an organisation," says Robert Neely, European Sales Director (EMEA) at Plasmon.

Neil Grimston, Chief Operating Officer, 5GM comments: "The need for evidential weight in electronically transmitted documents will increasingly become a dominant issue as organisations move contractual and other valuable transactions onto the Internet."

This move is significant in light of the recent guidelines regarding messaging and email admissibility highlighted by the British Standards Institute. For example BSI PD5000:1999 states that it is necessary to store confirmation of receipt to a tamper-proof storage system. 5GM's products contain an archiving feature, which means that every message or email sent or received is automatically archived on suitable storage media, such as the products supplied by Plasmon. Plasmon's range of storage media means that the channel can supply the technology to meet the exact needs of the user.

The partnership means that both Plasmon and 5GM will recommend each other's products as the preferred choice to compliment their own. 5GM, working closely with Plasmon, is recruiting further channel partners across Europe.

Grimston continues, "I'm delighted about the partnership between Plasmon and 5GM. 5GM provides applications which provide legal admissibility when used with certain Plasmon products. The combined strength of the products can exceed the requirements of BSI PD5000 - including BSI PD0008 (Information Stored Electronically), soon to be given ISO standard - which 5GM co-authored and around which much of our technology is based. " is based. 1"

1 According to the BSI code of practice, to achieve a legally admissible electronic transmission, the following need to be supported:

· At point of transmission the transmitted file with time and date stamp and confirmation of receipt are written to a write once optical storage system, in a fashion which limits the possibility of later changing the information stored.

· At point of receipt the transmitted file with time and date stamp and confirmation of receipt are written to a write once optical storage system, in a fashion which limits the possibility of later changing the information stored.

About Plasmon

Established in 1987, Plasmon plc is an international data storage business headquartered from the UK specialising in removable data storage technologies. Plasmon's architectural configurations provide the highest level of automated flexibility through the implementation of 12-inch TrueWORM (write once, read many), 5¼ inch MO (magneto optical), LTO-Ultrium, Magstar-MP, CD-ROM/CD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-Rand media. Plasmon has been involved in extensive research, development and manufacturing of Phase Change media products since the mid 1980's and also provides a range of storage management software and network-attached storage solutions.

With world-wide headquarters in the UK and operations across Europe and the US, the company also has manufacturing facilities in the U.K., and in the U.S. in Colorado and Minnesota. Plasmon's Worldwide Headquarters and European Sales and Marketing are located at: Whiting Way, Melbourn, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 6EN; tel: +44 (0)1763 262963 fax: +44 (0)1763 264444. e-mail: Plasmon products are sold to OEMs and also through VAR and distributor channels.

About 5GM

5GM Limited, headquartered in Harrow, London, is a spin-out from the leading messaging company 5th Generation Messaging Limited and was established in January 2000 by CEO Robert Zysblat. 5th Generation Messaging Limited was part of the Group 5 Group, formed four years ago by many of the world's leading messaging companies, including Microsoft, Matsushita, Xerox, and Lotus, to create a new standard in legal admissibility for any document sent over the Internet. In April 2000, 5GM Limited secured funding from a group of investors including SG Securities, eVestment, NetVest and the City of London.

5GM develops server based software to the global market place for secure communication on the Internet, Extranet, Intranet and VPN's. All 5GM applications, designed and developed using the Java programming language, are based on the 5GM G5 protocol and are providing: Proof of Delivery, File Content Negotiation, Digital Signatures, Encryption, Content security, Non Repudiation, Authentication, Archiving and PKI integration.

5GM's technology is being used to support non-repudiation and remote archiving in smart card based transactions, and has wide application in second/third Generation Mobile Phone technology. Though the G5 protocol was designed to take over internal session-based communication, it can also be used to initiate and manage stream-based communication.

Any attached document, in any format, can be sent with 5GM-Mail, including: e-mail, invoices, statements, purchase orders, financial reports, contracts of employment, insurance policies, bank statements, pension contributions, letters of credit and CAD files.

The current market predictions are that as much as $100 billion of the $300 billion market for delivery of documents in hard copy form, could very well move to the Internet in the next few years.

For further information about 5GM and it's products, contact Nathalie Bar at 5GM on or visit the website at 5GM products are sold to OEMs and also through VAR and distributor channels.
Just started looking at these and am verty tempted. Further to the last news item 5GM have rebuffed takeover offers from Baltimore and Entrust so the product is good of 5GM and they said they would sell at the right price. That could open up a larger market for Plasmon


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Here we go..up 17.5 (15%) to 134...popped up finally..
Hope you'd already got in, Max..good luck if you have..



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And it looks like this is why:

26/01/2001 - 10:11 Plasmon PLC [PLM] Progress Report
RNS Number:8867X
Plasmon PLC
26 January 2001


Plasmon is pleased to announce that, following delivery of the new 9.1GB optical drives in late December, they have now been integrated into Plasmon's library systems and first customer shipments have commenced.


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hehe..that's what I'd like to hear..our members getting in before it wishes, Max..



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PLM is nicely heading up since they said the first customer shipments had commenced..up +5(3.7%) to 139 today...
These are looking very good indeed now. A post copied from another board for info

I have received notification of your question regarding the 5GM announcement.
As the person who established the collaboration with 5GM I am pleased that you
see this as a positive step.

I am working to structure a number of strategic relationships for Plasmon that
focus us into some key areas where we can leverage market conditions to sustain
growth and profitability on our MO and D Series products. There are enormous
opportunities for Plasmon in markets where business conditions create a demand
for our storage technologies along the lines of the type indicated by the 5GM

I am also busy structuring and developing Plasmon's sales and marketing
resources in EMEA to ensure that we maximise the massive opportunity that our
entry into the LTO tape market (the LTO Range) and RAID NAS Storage market (the
IntelliRAID product set) represents.

These are exciting times for Plasmon and I look forward to issuing more
announcements that will keep your interest levels high...


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Thanks Max...

Up today +3.5(2.5%) to 141 (almost 30% since we started this thread or since PLM started its uptrend)...another volume spike, OBV ticking up...price moving above upper BB..RSI flat at the top..stochastics K crosed down D at the overbouht top area...overall suggesting a retracement might occur before further upward movements...that settled we may see PLM all the way up to 200...good luck for those of us already in...


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love it when they buck the trend...

There we go..had its retracement nicely and started heading up bucking the tech downtrend...+9 (6.8%) to 141.5...nice to see PLM recording this on a day like today...chart shaping up positively...all MAs in proper positions heading up together with BBs with price heading for upper BB again...stochastics K ticked up just about to cross over D...RSI, MFI and OBV all ticking up..

One more upward movement and PLM will have all the resistance level broken on the way to 216...excluding possible technical retracements...

Still worth watching closely I'd say..

(no financial advice intended)


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