Watch ISYS tomorrow...

Sold ARM and PON too so i think you can safely fill your boots with these.:)
I'm starting to like the market at the mo and not too sure i want things to change.


Steve, guess what I did today..apart from those I still hold...I got in and out 12 times...intra hour new style...I only lost on au. twice which luckily was only paper trade for the comp. :) The rest all profit and know why I need it..

You soon stop smiling when they want money to set their own trading accounts up...."mum if dad can do it so can i, its dead easy mum, please please, use your powers just like when you want a new car".

That's something you can't do a thing about it...You can only go long, you can't short intraday or hour or short term...a bit scary this one..not my style, Steve :)

Not a good bounce as expected...but still in the right direction...+2 (1.2%) to 165.75 with a heavy volume of 27m..14m buy, 10m sell, 2.6m not known according to the advfn...heavy after hours buying.. also a 3m buy at 16.26...

There could be more downside to this one yet, and unless the market as a whole moves in the right direction, cannot see much upside at present. My next support for this is 122.

For once i got out at the perfect time.
Hope you got clear Riz.

Once again, John is spot on with the caution.

Well done, Steve...I am also clear, didn't get stuck with this's not capable to bounce on its we need to wait till a Nas turn round and see where the support comes...


Profit warning and a big dip this morning . Hope all you guys got out .....right time as well :) .
Yes they said second-half profit before exceptional items would be lower than in the first half because of the deteriorating economic environment in the US. Also saying they expect to cut 5,000 jobs by the end of its financial year. Share price down -12.75 to 116.25...year support on the year the bid rumours/news have died nothing to look for at the moment....this one has to go back to Tx's recovery list till it forms proper support and we hear positive news again...