Watch ISYS tomorrow...


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You may remember that I started following ISYS when the shares traded at 120-130 level, saying that the shares were sold out and a possible bid or break out would push the share to 180-200...(sharex, traderx and other members also contributed and we had 3 long threads on ISYS)...rumours/news of bid and break out did push the share price to well over 170 once that is when I got out making a good profit..they were then pulled back to around 150..but the rumours/news didn't stop neither regarding break out nor take over..
Anyway today once again everyone and his dog started to buy ISYS shares pushing the price up +8 to 175.5 with a huge volume of 81m (average volume being 15m) appears that there are rumours that Invensys (ISYS) could be on the end of a bid at 250p a share first thing tomorrow morning...that's not the first time for such rumours..only it is common knowledge that the management have been against a take over and trying hard to avert bid offers..up to today they would soon make an announcement saying they were not in bid talks and that they were trying other ways of bringing the share price up..only this time they said they wouldn't comment on market rumours instead of an outright denial..
Take a look at those 2 buys 5 seconds before the market closed:
16:29:55 1,750,000
16:29:55 1,750,000

Worth to watch as of early morning case everyone and his dog as well as neighbour and granny keeps buying ISYS shares..

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10 am

6,000,000 shares traded - Mostly SELLS

Price 169 = -4%

Leave sentiment behind guys and stop guessing. Tuck a 1,000 away for prosperity then if anything happens at least you didn't miss it. Otherwise let the market guide you -let the trend be your friend - upward preferably.

Good Luck


Can't read the post at 10:24

Looks like the other MMs have been at work (Mischief Makers)


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Well everyone and his dog didn't buy ISYS today, because there were no further rumours/news today..but still some neighbours and grannies volume increased to 31.7m...profit makers could push the price only -4 down however to 171.5...

I'll carry on watching tomorrow..


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By the way Shares and Investor's Week
of November 30, 2000..advised its readers to BUY ISYS saying:

Power software automation and control systems firm Invensys (ISYS) is floating 25% of its power systems division in London and New York next year. Analysts calculate the shares to be worth 200p -- they are 163p now. Power system interim operating profit rocketed 70% and the order book is up 30%. Full-year profit is expected to rise more than 50% to £170m and to continue growing by around 20% a year, thereby justifying a P-E ratio of 20 and a market capitalisation of £3.8bn, from today's £1.6bn. The City reckons it's valued far too low.


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Share price remained almost flat (-1 to 170) in spite of heavy volumes of 60m of which 38m BUY..shares started to change hands in huge X marked buy of 18,500,000 at 15:39 was worth noting..

Investors Chronicle suggests that ISYS is good value and that the fall has been over-done..

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I got in for the second time at 171.5..

From E.Telegraph Tuesday 5 December 2000

"...So which stocks are worth looking at? This week's Forbes Global magazine contains an interview with hedge fund managers who say they are looking at bombed-out engineer Invensys (yielding 5pc) and IMI (yielding 8pc)..."


Lehman Brothers has reiterated its "buy" recommendation on Invensys (ISYS) at 167p and has maintained its price target at 270p and its sum-of-the-parts valuation at 300p following a one-to-one conference with the company's chief executive.

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Looks like it wasn't a bad call after all..
Up 10.75 to 185.5 today with a heavy volume of 98,202,199.. as its Baan software unit returned a profit in the third quarter, thus ending a run of nine quarters of operating losses...


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Up +1.25 to 186.75 today bucking the pull the mean time... most brokers came away at least partially convinced after yesterday’s presentation. WestLB Panmure reiterated its “outperform” stance but upped its target price from 165p to 185p. UBS Warburg and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein reiterated their “buy” stances, the former with a 250p price target....



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Hi Steve,

That's because I am out after trading ISYS a few times successfully..only haven't put an end to the thread yet..I normally take the threads I start all the way for the sake of continuity and keep contributing even when I am not in that particular stock in case another member is in or considering to get in...well this one is just about to come to an end..bear with me a little more.. :)




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back to ISYS..

There we go back to ISYS again...after chasing this stock from 130 to 185 and getting in and out a few times on the way up making profit each time, just as I thought I finished with it, it started falling back again with the help of general market downturn to 150.75 which has proved to be a strong support level a few times in the last 3 months...

ISYS in the mean time helped to reveal analysts' appeared that one of Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) analysts was caught sending out a hard-nosed research note on Invensys, advising institutional clients to sell the stock, when the bank was telling everyone else (including Invensys) that it believed the shares were a raging "buy"...another proof of market manipulation...we should never stop researching into this as part of our education...the analyst was saved by the general market downturn and profit warning rumours this time...maybe this was what he anticipated or just parts of the manipulation...

Anyway the good news is that it appears that Baan whose takeover caused so much criticism that pushed the share price to year low has signed a huge deal with Boeing, the aircraft manufacturing giant...with Baan being considered as the weakest part of ISYS this deal might just turn the share price direction the other way round...if the 150 level proves once again to be a strong support level ISYS might once again head for 180-190 level...

Advised as long term BUY by Times...

Chartwise: price has been moving below the lower BB for some time and might pop over it soon..both stochastics at the oversold area under 20 with K heading up to cross over D...RSI also indicates oversell still slightly heading down...overall we need further +ve signals..

ISYS is worth to be on our watch list...

(no financial advice intended)


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Thanks Riz...thought i'd add this since i've been watching ISYS the last week...

Invensys : Boeing upgrades Baan system
01/02/2001 16:00:40

Baan has announced that Boeing
Commercial Airplane Group has
successfully upgraded its Baan
Enterprise Resource Planning system
across 21 parts plants in the US.

The major upgrade project from Baan IV
to the latest Baan V release included
the migration of about 500 gigabytes of
airplane production data. This major
implementation is believed to be one of
the industry's most comprehensive
migration projects in size, scope and
complexity and was completed at Boeing
Commercial Airplanes parts plants
during the last week of December 2000.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes has
installed the new Baan ERP
functionality at its parts plants to
enable the substantial improvement in
process and information systems used to
forecast, schedule and build the parts
required for airplane programs' demand.
The system is in full production for
31,000 users.

ICV Edited News

16:00 Feb 01 2001


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