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I'm not russian. I always take my time :LOL:

Anyway. 13 is only unlucky for some.

Dow Dog

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Load of b*****ks - they invent illnesses for anything these days.

Anybody seen the movie ?


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All I wanted to say was that I hope you all went long 13 lots Ftse future 13 mins after the opg, stuck a 13 point stop on it and sold out at 13.13 or on a 13 point reversal from the high.
I went out and caught the 13 mins past 11 train to town and had a curry and 13 pints so I don't know how the plan went.
I haven't backtested this excellent strategy and I won't be posting any accounts either :cheesy:
Trust you all had a good day......

Salty Gibbon

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You should have caught the 13.13 train and it's a pity you had to stop at only 13 pints. That's unlucky in itself.


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What really p*ssed me off was that I bought a return ticket and the gates were open both ends coming home. :cry:

Mr. Charts

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Very lucky Friday 13th for me.
I was strolling home from the shops y'day morning carrying a Valentines card for my wife and three bunches of flowers, one for my wife and two for our daughters (yeah yeah.......but ok I'm just a soppy daddy who likes making sure his girls DO get flowers on Valentines, even if they are from me).
A large flat bed truck was going past on the bend and I instantly saw something huge and metal flying towards my head - instinctively I just threw myself out of the way. The heavy iron wheelbarrow had been thrown off the flat bed and smashed into the pavement where I'd been. If it had hit my head - then fractured skull broken neck etc.
Imagine the local headline, " Surrey man killed by flying wheelbarrow on Friday 13th - cops probe mystery as he was carrying flowers for his own funeral".
Like I said, lucky Friday 13th
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