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For some bizarre reason, my Outlook ( not express) has stopped displaying HTML emails, - I just get all lines of text and stuff- no pictures etc. I've had a look at every relevant tab I can think of to try and correct this, but - no luck! anyone out there got the answer?


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I thought it was just me :eek:

I've only just installed it myself so I would love to know the answer

While I'm thinking about it, I can't view attachments. The dog just barks at me and say it can't find the path :-0
I've been using Outlook for long time, and the only thing I know for sure, is... lose the office assisitant!!!
NNNNNOOOOO Don't be so heart-less

Everyone has a go at the office assistant, but it's the only thing that stops my parents asking....how do I do this, or how do I do that. After awhile they got bored with me saying "Ask the office assistant" :cheesy:
That puppy is a life saver :cool:
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depends on vwersion of Outlook but you have option to display mail as 'plain text' or HTML. This is a security feature and the last set of updates forced it to display as plain text (if I recall correctly).

Anyhow, goto 'Tools', 'Options', 'Preferences', 'E-mail Options'and select the option to view mails as HTML.

JPwone I use Outlook 2002, and unfortunatley,'Tools', 'Options', 'Preferences', 'E-mail Options doesn't lead me to a " view mail as HTML" option..
There is no such option in Outlook 2002...

You can set send in HTML but not reading.

I now have the same problem with my home machine.

Microsofts web site suggest this feature is automatic else you can open a mail and set to HTML using the format option. This is greyed out!!!

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