Sending mail in Outlook/Eudora etc when using AOL


You might be interested in this if you've switched over to AOL or are considering it. If you've been using Outlook Express or Outlook to check their email accounts (I check my hotmail account and the trade2win email account via Outlook Express) then you'll find that you were able to send mail ok with these email porgrams. This is because you used something called an SMTP server to send mail. Normally your ISP tells you what there server is called and when you dia linto them you then gain access to this servre to send your mail. However AOL works differently and don't allow you to use Outlook etc, because they dont provide you with an SMTP server, so you can't send mail. Well I've done some searching on the net and I've found a free SMTP server that works great for me. The address is:

If you go into the properties of your email account and enter this as your SMTP server then you can send mail via this server. Of course to receive mail you'll have your own POP3 mail server - depending on your account. Now if anyone knows the POP3 server to collect AOL mail then that would save me using AOL mail not that I use it anyway ;) I have far too many email accounts as it is!


ps. If you don't understand a word of this then of course you'll let me know!