On line ISA/PEP dealing


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Does anyone have knowledge/experience of any of the on-line self managed Pep/ISA operations. I have looked at both iDealing and Comdirect who charge £10 and £12.5 flat rate per trade. Are there any other people offering direct dealing facilities for both Pep/ISA portfolios. Have had one or two expensive experiences dealing with current phone based ISA manager (prices dealt out of kilter with indications!).
Thanks for any feedback

I used iDealing for about two years for my ISA, great service and very helpful and efficient.
I've used Schwab and Comdirect for some years for PEPs and ISAs respectively. Both are good. The service fromn Schwab is better, and in general they are better at handling large trades in illiquid stocks if that's what interests you, but they are more expensive. But also note that Schwab's UK ops are being taken over by Barclays in the autumn, which may turn out to be the kiss of death. We'll just have top wait and see.
I use comdirect for ISA, PEP and SIPPs. I have absolutely no complaints. Nice environment to work in, can trade by phone or on web and limit orders are available which last for up to 90 days. I think you can also trade funds through the account if you get lazy. You should definitely choose comdirect if you plan to trade ETFs as they can be bought for free - they are still £12.50 to sell.
i-dealing are efficient and easy quick website.

International shares are available in the bigger companies but you pay more (£15) and telephone deal. I've just recently loaded my isa with american gold stocks (feeling rather bearish!)