FTSE Beater

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Yes, this isn't a school. If it was, I wouldn't be here. :LOL:

I do however believe that, as we are in the company of a man of letters (check out SeanCass's website :cool: ), that we should use the correct grammar where ever possible :cheesy:


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I see Sean has "cert" after his name.....


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You'll be glad to hear I've just installed the British English version of the spellchecker, so now there's really no more excuses for bad spelling!

Car Key Boi

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Sharky said:
You'll be glad to hear I've just installed the British English version of the spellchecker, so now there's really no more excuses for bad spelling!



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I was being flippant. I'm sure Stevet didn't take my post seriously in term of correcting his grammar. I couldn't resist the reply in jest given the light-hearted and jovial vein of his most recent posts! I write for a living, but I rely so much on spell-checkers, which surprised Richard when we were in private communication on Sunday evening.

The "Cert" after my name refers to a certificate in education which was awarded many years ago after three years of hard full time study. If it affords you the opportunity to be flippant then so be it but I would respectfully suggest that it is hardly conducive to your status as a Moderator of this site; or have I misunderstood your post and the spirit in which it was made ?


FTSE Beater. I hope your enjoyed your visit to the site.


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Good news about an English spell checker! Well done; it will assist me enormously.


p.s. knot that I feal I nead won!

Car Key Boi, Have you learnt how to spell 'YOU' yet?



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ok - guys - i dont want anyone worrying about upsetting me - its one thing i have learned on these forums - that you have to be careful about jumping to conclusions about what people mean and also that what you can say yourself can come out aggressivly or negativly when you dont mean it - and then how all that escalates!

but there are a couple of arrogant gits on here who better not bug me again! friends come and go - but enemies last forever!!

i am sure that once the world only lives through the internet - the next world war will not be far behind


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Sean, I was being my usual flippant self. :cheesy: My reference to cert was inferring that you were certified, as in loony bin. :cheesy: I read your web site and knew that it was .ed.
You did misunderstand me.Sorry. It's hard interpreting the written word and adding your own context, when there is none, if you know what I mean....


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You're right there steve. I've noticed certain muppets come out of the woodwork when there's something controversial to try and stir as much sh*t as possible. The rest of the time you never hear from them.


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Just for interest's sake and for the record. Message received from Suzanne Mellen

"Saloman is now a part of Smith Barney -" Suzanne R. Mellen, CRE, MAI

Managing Director

HVS International

116 New Montgomery Street, Suite 620

San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 896-0868, ext. 108

(415) 896-0516 FAX

For the latest in the hospitality industry, please visit http://www.hvsinternational.com

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 7:18 AM
To: [email protected]


United Kingdom

Dear Suzanne Mellen,

You may be able to help me.

Does the financial institution called SALOMAN BROTHERS still exist or is it now part of Smith Barney? I understand that it must not be confused with SOLOMON Brothers.

Many thanks indeed.

Best wishes,


[email protected]
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