News of my death is premature


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not yet confirmed


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Just been confirmed by Tony Blair. I would expect the market to love this temporarily, but to have no great effect in the longer term. Not as much as the arrest of Osama Bin Laden would have.
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There may be the mother of all gaps up on Monday, but I would expect that by then all the negativity surrounding the capture would perhaps be starting to hit home.

After all, now he's been captured, there's the problem of what to do with him, when, where, why, and how.

Looking at the Dow, there's a nice channel formed and we're nearly at the top, so perhaps a nice breakout up, failure, then a helter skelter down. :D


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coward ?

at least he could have fallen on his sword !

but no , cowering in a hole in the ground.

a desert rat, to be sure. But not the real thing !
I didn't know that Santa had black hair!?! - must be all that soot as he comes down the chimneys...... :confused:

Santa Rally or what!.............. :cheesy:

(be ready when they 'sell the news' when the initial burst of euphoria wears thin imho..... :cool: )


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Pleased I didn't listen to CJ'S Dow Trades and go short I bet his Sunday lunch is not so good today.
Spokeswoman for French President Jacques Chirac

"The president is delighted at the arrest of Saddam Hussein.

This is a major event which should strongly contribute to the democratisation and the stabilisation of Iraq, and allow the Iraqis to once more be masters of their destiny in a sovereign Iraq."

Funny, now I'd have thought the loathesome Jaques might have applied to UN to bail his old chum from Tikrit. But, maybe, he'll ask his chum Dominique to pen an ode to "Joy", instead! :)


As Sadaam gave up without resistance I assume he has been learning from the french ?


Did you know that "Surrender" is a french word ?

Gentlemen, gentlemen, we should recognize the French position.
We have, after all, seen it many times before.........
The French have a very successful arms exporting business, particularly rifles.
They are all labelled, "laissé tomber une fois, jamais non utilisé"
I think the arrest would prove more symbolic than important in d long run. Does anyone think it would have a significant impact on tomorrow's numbers? personally i think, not as much as, if the markets were open today but maybe a brief rally early in d session.

I thought they were all marked "Point the other way"
but I can see that might have been confusing to some ?
and that's why they never use them.

If it gaps up, then it will be an even more spectacular collapse and remember......................
i think the french position involves standing straight up with both arms held high over ones head.much the same as the "leader"of the irish goverment,b ahearn.
His trial could be very embarrassing, after all he will remind everyone who gave him weapons of mass destruction in the first place, confirm he had eliminated them according the UN security councils demands, then ask why his country was invaded.

Perhaps, it will open a can of worms and not show the US and the west generally in a favourable light. Others will point out why Saddam is being given a trial whilst others are being indefinitely interned for war crimes.