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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and indeed trading..I have yet to make my first real money trade..I just did a 2 day seminar (£200) with Darren Winters & learned alot..I am well aware of the reputation he has here..but have to say the info I've checked so far tallies up,I'm talking chart performance,indicators and other basics...I now expect to be a millionaire this time next year..init Rodders! :rolleyes:

only joking but I am keen to learn..any resources u could recommend would be gratefully received,I'd like to trade full time (maybe forex) and wondered of the people here who do this,what kind of money did you start with? and would u be up for mentoring me?

Thanks for reading and may the lord have mercy on your stocks.


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After that - start here- it's free.
Then practice on a demo account and come back here with any questions because folks like to help people who show that they have made some effort to learn the basics.
Good luck

yeah thanks..I've had a couple of demo accounts and am doing my best to grasp the basics..

I disagree that my money was wasted on this course as I did learn alot,and benefited a great deal from the classroom environment..I'm under no illusion that this is easy but I'm working hard at it.


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I disagree that my money was wasted on this course as I did learn alot,.

No, it was wasted and now they will sell you more and more crap to bleed you dry.
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