looking to start trading. Need pointers!


New to this game and been to some seminars, Darren Winters being one of them and seeing form the postings on this site glad i did not fall for the disocunted 2 day seminar. Call be a cynic, but although i was not 100% sure about what he was saying, i just did not find it believeable enough. Too slick for my liking and i don't like wise guys!

I am serious about doing this, but i see that there are alot of sharks around, so would welcome any suggestions as to how i go about doing this. Capital needed, what type of training to go for etc. Anything that would be useful would be welcome.



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What do you want to trade? What sort of timescale have you got in mind ( ie position/swing trading, intraday? )


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Hi Bronco
What I do is to go to some seminars.. cityindex do free ones and also finspreads.. I'm sure a lot more do also.
Then find some books and read read read.. learn from this bulletin board.. get some background.
If you can, find a mentor.. someone who can help you and knows how to trade... or go on a course, Mr Charts is pretty good.
Then practice, start with small amounts to build confidence.. work out what setups work.. if you're after some good books I like the ones by Alexander Elder and Van Tharp.


THanks for your reply rossored. I am looking to trade straight equities (initially) and looking at time scales of hold up to 2 weeks


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Hi Bronco79

I found a book called Tools and Tactics of the master day trader by Oliver Velez and Greg Capra. It's about £30 and well worth it as I use it solely for my trading style which is day and swing trading. It's very easy to follow and being new to this you may find the basics very useful



Thanks for your help people, much obliged.


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if you find you are agreeing with, and doing what the majority are doing - you will find you are losing

a miniscule percentage of traders are succesful, so you better make sure you are running with that small minority and not the majority


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I was like yourself, looking. Tried loads of different things like normal share trading, CFD trading, Spreadbetting, but all of these were without technical analysis, more just based on papers etc etc.

I then found this website and read loads and loads and loads. I then found a system that I was comfortable with.. all I do now is day trade the Dow using technical indicators and pre set entry and exit points. Basically this means that I can sleep easy at night and so far after a lot of paper trading and some live trading I now feel pretty comfortable with my system. The key now is not to become complacent.

This has taken me about a year so far and lost around £5000.00 in the process. However I have now made back £500 in the last month. If you want any more infoe PM me.
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