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Apologies if this has already been posted before on here.

I've been looking through some of the stuff on here, and my head is starting to hurt as there's so much information to digest.

I know absolutely nout about the stock market, not the slightest thing, but have seen loads of websites that offer books and stuff which could make you 100's per day trading on the stock market (i understand this maybe exaggerated but to those experianced traders is this realistic or a load of sh1te?) . This has intrigued me and i'm desperate to learn how to trade, and put into practise some of these strategies i see offered.

Could someone point me in the right direction of the best place to learn how to buy and sell shares and all the basics about the stock market please.

I've read on here that a bloke called Jens Clever sells a book called Master Trader, which i see costs about $50, but someone also says you can get the info for free off the net, anyone know where?

Also, anyone heard of a bloke called Darren Winters, i recently went on one of his free seminars, but since heard he's a dodgy character, anyone able to shed any light on him?

Thanks in advance for any help...i really don't know where to start with my knowledge being absolutely zilch!



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in no particular order..

steer clear of Mr.Winters.

The claims you've read of are a pack of lies.

Try the "First Steps Guide" for some basic info.

run a "search" from this website for anything else you want to know.

And welcome to T2W.

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Thanks, i hope to learn a great deal here, we shall see...

Are you an 'experianced' trader? If so, how much is it possible to make out of the stock market (i understand that this will inevatably vary from person to person and strategy to straegy) but is it possible to trade as a profession full time?

I thought as much about the promises made about significant earnings.

What's the real crack then with our friend Darren?

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By the way, i'm slowly going through the "first steps guide" but there seems to be am million links to go through and hundreads of reccomended books, my head's hurting.... :eek:


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Forget the gossip, it won't make you a trader/investor/speculator, if you are serious about learning to trade then it is a personal 'quest'. 99% never even get close.

Have a crack at these questions - even if you don't really know the answers.

a. why have I decided to play the markets?
b. why have I chosen specific markets?
c. what tools do I need to participate successfully?
d. what should I buy?
e. when should I buy?
f. when should I sell?
g. how can I reduce my risk?
h. can I psychologically carry out this strategy?


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Your head will hurt even more when you start trading, believe me, I have the asprin. ;)
Follow the earlier advice and wring every bit of info you can out of this site. I just wish I had found it sooner than I did.

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I'm hoping a a mate of mine will be able to get me started and teach me the basics, but thanks for your help.

TBS, i got stuck on the second question!!! :eek:

There seems to be shed loads of info on here alone, so over the coming weeks i'll be reading through a lot of it and trying to get my head round it all.

Retirement in 3 years.... :LOL:


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The basics are easy.....
If you haven't got a clue, ie you're asking here, take a position in the market and you'll learn very quickly.


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Finch Royal said:

TBS, i got stuck on the second question!!! :eek:

You need to figure out a,b and c before you do anything - they are essentially 'life-style' questions. You are bounded by the amount of time and at what point of the day you are able to trade - family/relationship constraints. What starting equity you have, what you expect to return, what you 'need' to return. Trading is a business, treat it as such.

It may well turn out that you just have not the time, ability, or taste for risk to even consider trading.

If you can't figure them out, stick your money in an ISA and take up some other 'hobby'.
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