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As a policy of continous expansion T2W will be launching a new forum called TECHNICAL TRADER .. The BB is an invitation only Forum and is for those members with few years experience behind them .. In 2000 We launched a similar scheme and the quality of the posts were amazing .. I certainly had not seen any thing like it..

The Tradestation Strategies forum will be moved to the new BB ...

All invitations are done by myself.. Those who win the MEMBER OF THE MONTH AWARD receive automatic membership..
The new forum will be free from personal issues and we only deal with technical , mathematical and other related issues in trading ...

I am looking forward to the launch of the new forum and my thanks to mr Boss, Sharky ...



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Yea, then you could have different areas for different traders styles, where they could hangout......

.....etc. etc.

not forgetting a section for all you VWAP players


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This is an opportunity to produce subject based archives and set up a "brand image" for the site

Also allows difficult issues such as advertising to be addressed in the least damaging way
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Do you plan to let newbie traders view (but not post on) the thread?

That would be a good way for them to learn the proper ways to trade rather than getting stung buy all the nonsense in books, seminars (not that I've ever been to one, just the impression I get) etc.


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BBB is spot on. This is the very question that this newbie was building the courage to ask.

readonly would be great.


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To clear things up a bit. The new forum is a member forum wich will be moderated by Grey1 - as we have always said any member who wants a forum for legitamite reasons may have one. They can they choose to run the forum as they choose, allowing it to be private/invite only/read-only etc. It's up to the moderator of the member forum to decide how they wish to run the forum, not the T2W administrator or super-moderators.

Whether this forum develops into anything more than a members forum I have no way of knowing - but at least for the time being I see no harm being done to the regular T2W forums, and no risk that "all the good posts" will be lost to it. As a responsible forum admin I will of course monitor the situation like with all developments on the site, and if I'm proved otherwise, then I'll of course review our current policies.

But the question of read-only is really up to the member's forum meoderator.. in this case, Grey1.


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As you'll note this is my first post - I've been 'lurking' I guess is the term, but I'd prefer 'quietly learning & assimilating' the knowledge that can be gleaned from many on this BB. Whilst I'm not actively a day-trader I've dabbled for many years in general share & options buying but not using a lot of TA etc. but been generally 'very lucky' as I now believe!

I'm very interested in Grey1's pair trading/risk reduction methods & I would hope that 'newbies' can log into this new forum to pick up on this & other good styles/methodologies. Once I've got something positive to contribute or to share a 'mistake' I will be happy to do so.

If it's to be by 'invite only' what criteria will grey1 be using to decide access?

Rgds to all.


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Thank for your comments.. The criteria I am using for invitation are ..

1) The Applicant must be a registered and an active participant of the main BB during the last past 4 weeks..

2) Traders must be willing to contribute > Even if it is simple link .. In my previous BB , We had more than 1000 registered traders who I personally knew some of them , but they were only taking than putting some thing back into the community .

3) Applicant should have enough experience and know the basic's rules in TA and its indicators..

I have already invited around 20 members and will continue to add more members based on the quality of their posts.



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Thanks for your response, which I'm happy with on all counts. I have been tempted to post on several occasions, not particularly to the threads which have been slanging/slagging matches because ther're pretty pointless, but to others where I could perhaps have provided a useful website link or other info which may have been of use - I didn't mainly because being a relative 'newbie' I didn't neccessarily value the info I could give.

So in effect you're right I have been taking rather than giving something back to the BB community - which I'm sure is the case for all/most newbies. I shall post more, particularly because I want to share in the New Forum, but also because I feel I can contribute usefully.

I'm also glad that you've posted the criteria so that all can see what's required, otherwise it could have been perceived as elitist & could have also had a knock-on negative effect on the rest of the threads on the BB. This is obviously not meant to infer that anyone posting on any other thread other than your forum threads is second rate but it could alter the dynamics of the postings - no doubt Sharky will review etc.



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What's the point of having a bulletin board if not to share information? If individuals regard themselves as too good or too clever to post with the rest of us then they should go elsewhere.

Sorry Sharky, but this is the worst 'enhancement' you have ever made. I, for one, will not contribute to T2W while this persists.



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As far as I am aware, Private threads have always been an option at T2W so this is nothing new. Any member can start their own private thread if they so wish and that is all that this is. We are already seeing a number of previously silent members willing to contribute and from that standpoint I think it has some merit after all if you take all and give nothing in what way does that contribute to sharing information ?

As far as I am aware all that has happened is that someone has decided to take up this option which is hardly a change in policy but if I am wrong about this then I will apologise.


PS I will be a shame if you do decide not to contribute again.
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