New T2W Server


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Strange.. I've found the site to be quite the opposite - stable, fast and responsive. I would be interested to hear how much of a widespread problem the delays are. Certainly the server stats appear to deal with the traffic with ease, so if anything it will have more to do with the connection between your ISP and the server in the States, since it's further to travel for UK users, there's more potential for problems on it's way. Perhaps those experiencing problems can compare the speed to other US websites, to see if it's isolated or not.


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Quicker than ever from here - In London with Blueyonder 2Mb. Less than 2sec for most pages to open.
Similar speeds to BBC website, considerably quicker than


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Webpage's are loading quick here, it's a pleasure logging onto this site now. (not that it wasnt before)


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Absolutely no problem from numerous locations I have accessed from throughout the UK



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This is very good to hear! :D


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No problem here either.

Actually, could you please inform the folks at TradeStation how to set up a forum that runs so quickly - they need the help believe me.


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Much, much faster now. Last night it was so slow it was unusable from home - literally minutes waiting for the home page to display. Was pretty slow this morning as well, from work,, but now is pretty fast.
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