Server Upgrades Tonight (7pm EST/12am GMT)


The site will be down for about 4 hours tonight (Tues 17th June 2008) from 7pm EST/12am GMT. We'll be moving from our current two servers in Texas, to a new larger and more powerful server cluster in Washington DC. The upgrade will improve the general speed of the site as well as ensuring there are no slowdowns during peak periods.
We successfully completed the migration to the new servers this morning. There were a few glitches regarding logging in and registering that have been resolved. If you spot anything else weird then please report it in this thread. Also the site should now be faster, more responsive and without slowdowns during peak periods and in the evenings. Do let us know if you notice a difference!
Seems to be working well for me with no problems. In fact, hadn't even noticed any difference - the site seems to have been working fine for me of late.

Do you offer any hope that the new servers will improve our trading? :LOL:
Oh so slooow!

Spoke too soon. it's now as slow as treacle!

Have the other 99K just logged on?
Mr Sharky,

Can we expect any improvements in Mr Bramble's posts or is that only in the realms of science fiction?

22:16 GMT - now back to normal speeds.

Must be a reason / explanation for this ?
All sorted - there was a problem last night causing the site to run very sloooooowly.. but we resolved this and as 0007 said, things were back to normal speeds.