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We've created this new forum to provide members with an opportunity to discuss a wide range of investment related topics, everything from property investing to unit trusts.

Over the years we've seen a number of threads posted that have touched upon such things:

- Property Investing
- ISAs , PEPs and SIPPs
- ETFs, Investment Trusts & Unit Trusts
- Long Term Investing (Value/Growth)
- Alternative Investments (such as Wine)
- Pensions

They've never really fitted into any of the other forums, and more often than not became lost amongst more trading focused discussion. So we've moved across the existing threads into this new forum and would encourage members to use it to post new threads related to any of the topics listed above, or that come under the umbrella of money, property and investing.

We're fortunate to have on this site many well informed individuals who not are only very successful traders, but who are no doubt equally successful at knowing how to spend their winning! So hopefully this new forum will provide an opportunity for the rest of us to learn too.
Foreclosure is the process of investing capital to invest in a public sale of the mortgaged property after the closing of a mortgage on the property.
Hi all,

I also truly believe in property investment. You know your money is safe (unlike stocks), although it is a long term investment.

The best way I found to invest your money in property is to buy repossessed property. I bought a repossessed house on auction and am renting it out now. The guy who is renting the place from me is currently paying the mortgage on the property.

I have many years' experience in property investment, and never have I been disappointed in the return I get.
hi there ,

i am intrested to get into the property game how do i start i have got some money saved up and i would like to know how could i profit will i be able to get a monthly income through the rental
hi there ,

i am intrested to get into the property game how do i start i have got some money saved up and i would like to know how could i profit will i be able to get a monthly income through the rental

Buy to let mortgage maybe ?
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The investment in property business is good i am also interested to investment money in real estate people join the property management companies because they working good in real estate so that the people trust on him. They also work hard for there customers and give all information.

jesus......lord help us all here :eek:

I have bought and sold a lot of properties over the last 30 Years in the uk and abroad. - so heres some Free advice

Property is a hugely illiquid Asset.....especially in bearish times

Property prices can go up as well as down and any gains are theoretical until crystallised and only quantified after all sunk costs,taxes, cost of capital...inflation and opportunity costs are factored in ....

If you lose money on a property thats your one else is to blame.......I Iost about £70k round trip on a New property I bought in 2007 approaching the height of the market........I needed to move it so took the hit ......peanuts really on my net gains over the years i've owned property take responsibility for losses and dont think everything is always ok isnt !

Do not pay anyone ever for Property advice or investments services..........and if you are inexperienced yourself limit your purchases to your own personal living needs ......dont become a "player" as you will be murdered out there

Do not buy a property you cannot afford.....and no its not just the mortgage costs dummy

Do not buy a property in a country of non-domicile (abroad) unless you are happy to pay the higher taxes and general associated costs of being a foreigner, and not being there much and that you can afford to lose the lot if things go problematic in that Country....(Canaries , spain , Greece , Cyprus, next ?) .....beware that these countries will also tax you to death in the next few years and the Forex risk / exposure ........

bad luck muchachos....that 15th sangria with the nice saleman by the pool will now cost you 200k euros !

And also beware of deposits on newbuilds .....they may come after you for the balance (even in the uk)

Always perform due diligence on a property and get the best independent Legal and Technical advice regarding the property - if its not 100% ok - DONT BUY THE PROPERTY (i'm trying to pick up another property in the uk at the moment and have now managed to walk away from 3 properties this year alone based on poor legals and or building surveys...on my 4th now and if I have to walk I will...about £6k down on dilligence costs this year alone....but thats life) - dont take recommendations from the vendor (spare me !)

Never think the Estate agent is nice - he is working for the Vendor not you

Never believe the agent is valuing your property fairly ...they are trying to secure your business

Never sign the Clause regarding commission retention of introduced purchasers in your Vendors contract with an agent ...tell them to naff off and also only agree to minimum termination/notice periods...this will ensure they have to work their B*llocks off for you why they are in contract and also ensure the next agent you use will get full commission on any purchasers they show around (even if prievious viewers with other agent) generally means they will also review your selling price quicker and get some decent and realistic offers on the table about 6-12 months ahead of the current situation....

Never go Multi-Agent .....this means you are desperate to sell....the Agents will agree to share your commission at best (less work for them).....or even worse if its winner take all - they will do nothing and focus on the paying customers

The Current trend in the UK market is to Lifesize your Property Purchases..

ie its not about buying and Selling it in 3-5 years buy something that can be your home potentially for the rest of your life.....Bear that in mind when some Tw*T investment company is persuading you to buy 5 X 2 bedroomed flats in Leeds with "Capital growth and high yield potential"

Take all precautions to protect funds during purchase/sale of property - ask your solicitor what banks are handling the transactions and what % of your money will be at risk (£85k max protection in UK) - minimize exposure of your cash during conveyance period

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No any risk to invest in real estate business. Its a long term investment and real estate is only the business how growing fast. If you think you lost your money, after some time the property rates high again and we know that. So your loss is complete in future.

words of comfort to us all.........
kids if you really wanna p!ss off your parents buy real estate in imaginary places
more words of wisdom to give me comfort......

wanna buy a timeshare - cheap cheap ?