New Feature


Hi guys, you may have noticed already but on the nav bar at the top of this and every other page you'll now see a field where you can enter the epic code for a TA chart. So whenever anyone is referring to a stock, just type in the epic and press enter and you'll have a new window with a chart displaying 6 months data, bollinger bands, EMA, RSI, MACD and Moneyflow!

At the mo, this is functional but you can't change any of the values yet. And it doesn't diplay the stock name, so make sure you get the epic right!

Another class idea Pigsy, it works with my system. 10 out of 10 for creativity and innovation. That means your a real swat when it comes to IT pigsy. What next I ask?

Think we need a spell checker also :)
Pigsy; you must spend so much time on this site. Do you have a dayjob?
Cheers Martin,

Double-Six not as long as you might imagine. My day job is as a web developer so a lot of it is now second nature to me. It's great when you get to a stage where practically anything is possible when developing a site. Web design is very frustrating in the beginning because there's a lot of trial and error. But once you get past the basics, it's a lot of fun.