eSignal New Features


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The latest version, eSignal 10.4, includes Area Charts allowing traders to easily decipher general market trends when viewing multiple charts on multiple monitors. The charts offer gradation and color customization to optimize readability.

Also, included in the new key features in eSignal 10.4 are the VWAP calculator and Time & Sales filters. The calculator allows users to get a VWAP value when specific dates and times are indicated. Users can include or exclude trades of a given size by using new size filters to estimate where trading groups are putting their money into the market. The Time & Sales filter allows users to locate trades based on conditions and easily view the search results.

Additional features recently added to eSignal include:

Trading from the chart – This feature allows the user to send trade messages to the user’s broker via the Advanced Chart by either using new toolbar icons or by right clicking. Once an order is filled by the broker, a position line visible on the chart will display relevant information about that order.

Percentage Scale – The ability to display a new type of price scale based on the percentage move.

Drag-and-drop – This feature make it possible to move columns and symbols within a Quote Window quickly and easily.

Option chain improvements – The month filter now allows the selection of multiple months, and future options have been improved by the addition of a month filter and snapshot mode.

Dashboard improvements – A dynamic quote list imports symbols on the fly.