Naz & Mr. Charts US Day Trading Seminar

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Stevet , I would have thought that this course would be too much for Newbies to take in . L2 takes no prisoners. Am I wrong? Up to Naz/Mr. C to enlighten me.


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From what I've read about the courses and styles offered by Naz and Mr C, I would suggest that it is an 'icing on the cake' sort of course - ie you need to know how to put together and bake the cake first before you go on to make it a work of art. :D


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nobody will do much before the fomc meeting announcement later, after that the dow might start moving.


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Chartman -

everyone is a Newbie until they are successful - but some are going to stay Newbie for a lot longer i guess

but you should read you own marketing stuff for the course at the front of this thread - it is squarely aimed at newbies


"Do you realise the great opportunities you are missing out on if you aren't trading the US stock market? It is so much easier than you believe possible, with tiny spreads, tiny commissions, no stamp duty and instant fills."


This is basically just extolling the virtues of direct trading as opposed to spreadbetting - so who but a newbie would not know that


"With their methods, you have no overnight risk and only use safe and proven techniques based on their own years of experience. You can choose to trade in the evenings only, 7 pm to 8.30 pm is often a lucrative time, or you can profitably trade afternoons from 2.30 pm till 4.30 pm or even all day. The choice is yours and you can make your decision to fit in with your personal lifestyle, time available and aspirations."


Just extolling the virtues of intraday trading - but if someone is going to take a course based on this quote - they are going to assume that this forum is validating that the trainers have proven their P&L to the owner of the site - and the last line is really just saying - get rich quick with no work after doing this course


"Remember that in trading as in most professions, getting the right education from the right people is the key to success and is the finest investment you can make in your own future."


Absolutly agree - but who has seen their P&L to verify that they are the right people to offer this service?

"This course is about enabling you to generate your own earnings for yourself long term and achieve the dream of running your own life with the freedom and control that gives you."

Using the word "dream" says it all - get rich quick - and so obviously aimed at newbies

Where does it say that you should be experienced to go on this course ??? but of course it doesnt as only a newbie would do it and a knowledgable trader would only do it with absolute proof of the validity of the trainers or absolute and specific validation by this forum
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Bigbusiness, I'd need to see a 3 year documented track record of quality cake making before going anywhere near that lot. I had a mailshot through from them last week which promised to show me a secret method of making a 3 tier wedding cake in less than 1 minute and from only 1 egg and a grain of sand.

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Sign me up :LOL:

This is beyond a debate now.

We have all expressed our views some of us agree and others disagree.

Those who do not like the idea of a trading coach or course then please feel free to not accept the offers and continue your search for a method that suits your personalty and lifestyle

Enjoy your trading



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Would the last person to leave this thread please switch off the lights.


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If a systems that good you don't need to charge for it. You simply wouldn't need the money if it was that good. Look at me, my systems's great and I don't charge for it.



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Anyone bought Guy Cohens software called optioneasy, any opinions on it out there by the way he also does a course but lets not get into that, What I want to know is ( and preferably from time tested options traders) is guys software any good I know he is a friend of Alpesh Patel, any comments


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The seminar will suit both beginners and more experienced traders.There is something there for everyone.Thats why we've put it together.From Nasdaq chart plays all the way through to some level 2 and some of the latest stratergies that are working right now its got the lot.

Of course there will be plenty of time to talk to Richard and myself personally about any aspect of trading the Nasdaq.


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With reference to the courses of Naz & Mr C. not being for newbies, I have to disagree as I was that Newbie.
In the last 4 months, I have attended the TA in a Nutshell course, and had 1-2-1 coaching with Mr C & Naz in that order.
I have invested about 1500 quid which I feel is money well spent, and had never traded a share previously.
I wonder how long it would have taken to lose that amount? Not very long I don't think.
I read & listened to what other individuals on T2W said, and made my decision, and my trading is now earning me money.
I suggest others do the same!


P.S. To the disbelievers, this is all B*lls**t. I am Naz's brother!
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boy said:
Would the last person to leave this thread please switch off the lights.

Hi Boy

Yes I will :)

Ladies and Gentlemen

I believe we have all had a say regarding this, and for those who are interested in taking the course, you should look at both side of the argument and make up your own mind.
As always DYOR.

Sorry Naz, despite your fun this topic is now closed :cry:
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