My journey from a bad taste to being Managing Director


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Hi all,

I am new to the forum so apologies if this is in the wrong section! I thought I would share with you all the things I have learnt in trading.

I paid £3,000 a number of years ago to do an Forex course in London and then manage my own fund. As soon as I had paid the £3,000 I began the daydreaming of Bentleys, Yachts etc and became unfocused on my actual job (lack of mental discipline-probably the most important thing to have in trading).

This course turned out to be a bogus and left me -£3,000, an angry partner and dreams shattered (lack of proper research-critical to making a successful trade).

However, I picked myself up and self taught over the next 5 years and eventually went onto become an FCA regulated stockbroker. However, I felt there was a need in the market to provide information and education to the public and the vast number of private investors across the UK.

From then, 18 months of hard work and preparation (not just diving in headfirst-another thing traders can be guilty of in order to chase the money) went into the birth of my own company 'InvestmentWatch UK'.

So the key lessons I have learnt and would advise to anyone else even before they open their trading accounts for the day;

-Keep your discipline, dont get sidetracked by the potential.
-Do your research, no matter how long it takes. Proper research leads to proper trades
-Just because something looks good, it may not be. Take a second opinion if needs be.

I look forward to sharing thoughts and opinions with you all moving forwards!

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