Mr Charts mem no 4442


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Hi Mr Charts.

Firstly welcome to T2W. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Slight problem though as we already have a member by the name of Mr Charts who has been with T2W for quite some time now and is a valued contributor to these boards.

So as not to confuse everyone would you mind changing your 'nick' to something else, as we would hate to get the posts 'mixed' up.

Thanks in advance.

Sharky. Anyway to stop this happening? (You know what happened before.)

This is a little alarming as all sorts of abuses could be caused by this. I also find it incredible that it can happen at all and would have thought that there is a way to prevent this happening ?

i'm sure he'll be able to sort it out v.soon.... all the best sites have to have some glitches....
My guess is the system checks the characters in the nickname and compares those with nicknames already registered.

The much respected Mr. Charts has a full stop after the 'Mr' whereas the new member doesn't.

Just a thought.

I see now why this has happened as there is a subtle difference between the spelling of the two, the original one has a full stop immediately after the Mr and the new one doesnt.

No cause for alarm gentlemen (and ladies), but you can see the recipe for disaster from a mix up of postings...

As well as Mr. Charts dodgy e mail from someone this morning you can see my concern.

The mix up before was when someone unintentionally logged on under the name of my mentor and friend, who is a respected trader with his own website and a certain following among city traders.

Although he is not registered on here under his well known nickname; a few people from here know of him and a unqualified posting of an intentioned trade could have unfortunate circumstances.

Although the tone of posts may be familiar. One may not always be able to tell a ringer.
Hi folks,

FatCanary is right - just a single full stop in the name is sufficient for it to be different and allow the name to be registered. I've been mistaken a few times myself for another recent registration under name of Sharkie, but I let that one go. I've emailed the user explaining the situation and requesting they change the nick, and if I don't hear back by tomorrow - I'll change it myself to something suitable.

as it seems to be on topic.
on advfn several people tried using others nicks by switching upper and lower case. And using 1 instead of l.
The last one can be tricky to spot.
Perhaps he's a re-incarnated Lord Jamla.
Yes this is me, the guy who posts occasionally on US shares.
Please note I do not wish to be cloned, I am copyright protected and do wish to be resuscitated.
There is an Asian restaurant just south of Marathon on the Florida Keys called Shah Key. They do a wicked Tandoori Snapper with Cajun spices.
Just in case you're down there this weekend.
anything I've ever written that's upset anyone was written by someone else. I only post constructive, helpful things.
Right on, sid ;-)
It's the clean rain here in Weybridge, keeps us all clean and pure, doesn't it?
Mr Charts
for that matter there is a restaurant in Dorking called Beau Thai
but I always go casual.