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Monkey King

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hi all,

been in the shadows for long and quietly learning from a lot of wondrous folks out here. this is my first post. i have been trading for close to 18 months now and feel i am ready to set sail for real now(quit job and going into full time day trading). i have decided to push and put myself through the grind and therefore i am going to post my journal here.

i trade one mini crude oil wti lot (kind of weird maybe but consider it ideal to day trade 1 crude mini in a capital of 5000)
i usually scalp/intra-day and so have no overnight positions
i use hull moving averages and the awesome oscillator as part of my chart set up
i trade the 5 min tf
15 min is my reference chart

at times i move to pure scalping so i do multiple trades a day for small profits and trade the 1 min tf. in such cases i go for a small 3/5 pip trades.

my capital is 5500
my risk is 2% per day
i aim to make 2% a day ideally but this is not an target as such.

i will start the journal from this coming monday ie. 18 feb 2019.
below is the guidance for next week.

2019-02-15 (1).png

hope it goes well.

Monkey King

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ended the week 1 with just 300. shutting down terminal for the week.

monday was a red day began the week in the red.
tuesday did not trade as i was kind of upset with the red start and used it to compose myself
made profits on wed and thu.
today, friday was the best win day.
although fell short of target by quite a bit i am happy for having ended the week in green no matter how small.

let me see how week 2 goes. will start off next week with some 5800 capital. hopefully crude finally breaks out of this consolidation and begins to trend so i can make some serious money although a big clean clear breakout as of now looks doubtful.

whatever, got two days to chill out in the meantime.

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