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Hi guys,

I am using Metastock 8.0 EOD and would like to be able to pull prices from the metastock database into an Excel spreadsheet. I have some rudimentary ability with VBA so I am planning on writing some sort of function to query the Metastock files but I am struggling to work out the file format. Does anyone have any experience of accessing Metastock data files directly?

Many thanks for any help!



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I would suggest reading the chapter on the manual....with some adjustments it is very good indeed....


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Hi Zambuck,

Thanks for the pointer but I don't think OLE is going to do quite what I need. What I really need is to be able to put the close price of a given stock on a given day in a cell, where the stock and the day are values in other cells.

So, for example, if A1 contains "NCP" and A2 contains #01/08/04#, I want to be able to put a formula in A3 along the lines of:


or, even better:


and have the contents of A3 update automatically as I change the contents of A1 and A2.

I have been through the OLE section in the manual and it just seems to be glorified cut and paste. Short of pasting 10 years worth of data for 4000-odd stocks into Excel and doing some kind of VLOOKUP, I don't see how OLE is going to get me there. I think I need to write some kind of file-access procedure to pull the data direct from the metastock files but the format is a bit inscrutable.

Would appreciate any other thoughts you had!

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