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Just a note to see if anyone has had a similar experience.
I posted on CTS regarding problems with 'Marketmaker' running slowly. The main reason for this was a lack of RAM so I decided to add another 128 Mbytes to the existing set.

I got a good price quote from a catalogue company, opened an account and orderd 128Mb SDRAM PC100 spec.

The component arrived in due course. On the delivery note it read
128 Mbyte and also on the anti-static pack it confirmed 128Mbyte.

I installed it, checked my system memory and hey presto....

I now have 128+128=192Mbytes??? :eek: of memory available!!!!

I'll lift the lid on the PC tomorrow and check out the chip part nos.

Anyway MM runs pretty well now even with 192Mb.

Have I done anything wrong folks?

Depends on the RAM your PC wants - the RAM is very likely to be just what it's meant to be, but your PC can't 'see' it all... not just a problem with single/double bank stuff etc. Basically just because it fits doesn't mean it'll work as planned (seeing half the actual RAM fitted to a card is not unusual). Best bet is probably to buy from Crucial using the ram selector (see if your PC is other than a generic clone. Checking your motherboard manual is a good move too.
Try calling the supplier, tell them your PC only identifies half the RAM fitted, and see if they can replace it, although at around £15 for 128Mb /£25 or so for 256Mb it's probably cheaper just to buy a replacement!
So how much was being reported before you fitted the new one? I guess 128M....If so then it looks faulty. Try it on its own. Does it read 64M?
Thanks for the help davejb and chartman.

The memory board uses 'hynix' HY57V561620BT-H devices.

These are 256Mbit chips organised as 16Mx16. There are four devices present on the card giving a total capacity of 16Mx16x4=1024 bits.

If nowadays a byte is still regarded as 8 bits then I do indeed have 128Mbytes on the card.

The PC reports only 64Mbytes when I use only the new card.

davejb-blimey, 15 quid :!:, thats a good price, I'll certainly check the link you provided.

Thanks again for your comments.
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Crucial on Dabs have a sort of 'pick the right RAM' link, was where I pulled the prices from (had a mag open next to me when I read your post <g>)
The RAM is probably good, just your motherboard can't access it properly... a problem that seems to be dying out these days, thank goodness - I had a 64Mb PC-66 RAM upgrade years back that my then PC only recognised 16Mb of, this isn't that uncommon with older kit.