Long/medium term winners

Anyone care to submit a stock which might reach new historical highs this summer.
My two bets are Shell and BP, possibly by May.
In view of the current market it seems unlikely but.........
Steve........Open the FT and throw a dart.

Nearly as much chance as choosing the 6 numbers to win the lottery

Not sure about new high but.............

It's a damn shame we are currently experiencing such an anti tech downtrend because there are still one or two TMT's who make a profit and could easily double in share value by the summer........

Against the current trend ( IQE ) reported the horniest
Q4 and full year set of numbers I have seen from a tech co. for some while.

In fact all Adult literature has been removed from the mens room and subsequently replaced with a copy of the IQE Report and Accounts as a joyous aid to personal stimulation.

And the good news is that their order book continues to grow at a time when all others are warning of a slowdown in demand.

Share price jumped by a few percent today but most of that was MM's gap up.

There's no justice !!!

Emblaze ( BLZ) is another - after reporting positive accounts just over a week ago followed up today with their Licensing agreement with Microsoft.

These were probably the only two tech co's to finish the day in the black.

There are one or two others namely Dicom (DCM) and Trafficmaster (TFC) and Anite (AIE) etc etc which are worth a buy and hold but why buy now to maybe lose another 10 or 20% in the short term.

"Be prepared" for the bull run - what goes down must come back up where quality exists.

Be careful ... 'It's a jungle out there'

Good Luck

Dare I say SCi!!!!

On the Nasdaq 100

99 shares are down and 1 is UP!!!!!!!

The 1 is EA the computer games outfit. Also on the NAS composite both Activision and THQ are up!!!! Go to the link to see why


And then think of little old SCi heavily beaten up but with

Desert Storm
The Great Escape
Titanium Angels
Rally Championship

Amongst others and then think into the future of 2002/3/4 and think how well these could sell. Well known names and franchises and if so thiink of the companies profits potential

Then there is the GBA lauanch in JApan


Japan's Nintendo Co. Ltd. may ignite the biggest battle yet in the video-game market with its long-awaited launch of Game Boy Advance, successor to the world's top-selling Game Boy handheld machine. The new box is small and portable like Game Boy Color, but the screen is 50 percent bigger and its 32-bit image processor is three times faster. Nintendo, whose cumulative sales of the 11-year-old original Game Boy topped 100 million units last year, plans to ship 1.1 million units of the new version starting March 21 with a target of 24 million by March 31, 2002.

Nintendo launches new GameBoy


The new GameBoy is welcomed by Nintendo fans.

There were huge queues in Japan for the release of GameBoy Advance, launched by Nintendo as it seeks to cement its lead in the market for handheld games.


Customers line up to buy the GameBoy Advance console.

The company aims to ship 1.1m new GameBoys by the end of this month, and a total of 24 million units worldwide within a year, a company spokesman said.

Analysts said a lack of competition in the sector meant Nintendo's ambitions were reachable.

The company has sold 105m of the original GameBoy Colour since it was launched in 1989.

Young and old customers

Retailing at 9,800 yen ($80, £55), the new GameBoy is not a cheap toy.

But given the even higher prices charged for some non-mobile consoles, Japanese parents were not deterred.

"If kids don't have the games, they feel alienated from their friend," said Kazuhiro Katayama, a 44-year-old father of two who bought two consoles.

Besides, not all the gaming console's fans are children.

"I can't get enough of Nintendo since I was five," said 23-year-old Gary Young, a businessman from the UK.

Long queues

GameBoy's rise to fame was aided by computerised characters like the Mario Brothers and Pokemon.

More than 100 million GameBoy Colour consoles were sold last year, pushing Nintendo to the top of the league of handheld games console makers.

And its successor's reception bodes well for Nintendo's future position in the market for simple, mobile gaming consoles.

"People were lining up from 8pm on Tuesday and at any given time there were about 70-80 people lined up inside the store," said the manager of a major electronic goods store in Akihabara, Toshiyuki Fukuda.

GameBoy Advance

The new GameBoy has a colour display one and a half times wider than the original.

In addition, it has a multi-player function, new software can be downloaded via mobile phones, and it has a faster central processing unit.

Old GameBoy games will be compatible with the new console, and Nintendo will immediately offer a line-up of 25 new games.

Sales in the US, Europe and Australia will begin by the end of June.

And to cap it all PSX2 outsold PSX1 by 5x on release!!!

Makes you think?. And this industry now grosses more money than film and this is supposed to be the changeover period
Well, there we go. Shell reached a new historical high this morning, BP hasn't quite made it but then they haven't bought and cancelled 96mil of their own shares.
Nevertheless approximately 20% gain in twelve weeks can't be sniffed at.
I hope my darts were not the only ones to hit the target.
Still not won the lottery though :)
Living proof of where the man spends all his leisure time............ Good on yer Steve!!
And a big round of applause to hi5 who suggested AMEC - that is also trading at its all-time high.

Well done Dave.
Yep, agree with Skim, don't know how Dave picked that one out but well done.
John, what do you mean?
You're not suggesting i fritter my spare time in the pub are you ?

Perhaps we need a new thread....

On stocks that shall reach new record lows this summer.

mmm....... VOD, PON, BHM,BLM, Etc.Etc