London Meet-up IV - 23rd November 2013


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It's that time of year again!

Right, Greg and I have spent the last 6 months working almost full-time on MetaTrader software that we are aiming to publish in November.

It covers Candle patterns, Breakouts & Re-tests, SR Levels, Swing Failures, Gaps, ATR, Spread, News & Risk Management, all with pre-setup Templates & Profiles

So, it will be time for a celebratory beer and catch-up with our good friends from here that we started all this with.

I'm also in contact a fair amount with Tom - aka Trader Dante - and he's up for the meet-up too.

Plan is the same as ever, Friday Pie & Pints at The Shooting Star on Liverpool Street.

Just bring yourselves and it'll be great to have a catch-up and see how everyone is doing.

I'm planning to email everyone today that PM'd me their email address with a link to the website with details of our MetaTrader software package, and a first draft of the PDF user manual so if you haven't already, drop me a line and I'll send you a copy.

Beta-testing is limited to just a couple of people, so don't be offended if we haven't offered you that, it's just for the tech-savvy friends that can help look for obscure bugs because we're pretty much happy that our own testing has been very comprehensive.

Let us know if you're here in so we can book a suitable table.



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Ye, I've got it in my diary as well! I might even stay in town that night as I know how messy these things can be!!!


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hotel booked for 23rd :)


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Well done to those that spotted that it should be 2012, not 2013.

I just got a text from Tom (Trader Dante from here on T2W & Forex Factory) who says he should be there too. The software Greg and I have designed is based on price-action patterns learnt from his trading room.

I'm going to aim to get to The Shooting Star for between 5pm and 6pm. I've scrounged the spare room at Greg's so will probably need to head off at closing time (11:30?) to get on the tube back.

We're still aiming to get our software package installer finished and available for Friday for anyone that has PMd me an email and may be interested in being a friends and family tester.

The stuff we are working on is an ongoing project to keep improving the strategies and then developing EAs based on it for managed accounts based on tick-data backtested strategies - but the work involved in being comfortable offering that so it will work for more than just ourselves safely is quite extensive, so that's likely not going to be for 3-6 months.

To answer in advance what I trade: Sunday Gaps when there are any over 15 pips. Daily Breakouts on the re-test. And Swing Failure patterns, again on the Daily timeframe, all just on USD pairs and S&P. All just manually checking the charts each night using the indicators we've developed to send email/phone alerts when there's a potential setup.

However, I know there's a lot more we can do with EAs but the testing has to be rigorous for automation so for the time being I'm just trading small amounts manually until we have that finished.

I still have Kangaroo EA running and that's still profitable. I still have Million Dollar Pips running but barely see any trades from it now markets have calmed down so it is flat for the second half of this year.

That's about it. Look forward to hearing what everyone else is up to.


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Just thought - I haven't actually booked a table. Darren - could you sort again? Seems like there will be about 8 of us.


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OK, confirmed, Tom (Trader Dante) should definitely be there. Showed him the version 1 of the software Greg and I have developed. He seemed pretty impressed, which I'm happy with as an endorsement from an actual private trader earning a living from it.
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