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Not been doing a great deal while I’ve been absent, but in Lloyds at the moment. I’m protecting at 48, so if it comes back to there I’m off.
Motley Fool touting them recently.

I have some in my SIPP and holding for some time now. If they drop I usually top up. This is a long term hold for me.
I’ve got a long term holding, but I trade them in addition to that. Win a trade, add to long term with some of the profit, rinse and repeat.
taken protected profit. probably to keen to get going again after my lay-off.
Gig is still the same.

Aw, I shouldn’t want to embarrass you guys again - who else won by getting the answer to the exact point after all :)

Recently come out of Lloyds after a near five month hold (my new time frame :D) and waiting patiently for a re-buy somewhere around 49/50 level.
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Looking back to the start of this thread I was a bit startled to find that a year later we’re playing in about the same ball park. Shouldn’t have been a surprise since they are in my long term portfolio.

Nontheless, from a trading perspective the second half of the year had pretty trouble free run. I‘m operating longer term now, still based with slight variation to 3 bar retracement and now encompasses scaling in, including (horror of horrors :devilish:) just one addition at a lower price).
Well, I’ve taken advantage (or maybe not) of the banking schamozzle in the States with its knock-on effect here and bought a small starter tranche before the close today.

I should perhaps explain that I am not following chart patterns slavishly, but those patterns do reflect my thinking and provide a focus for further thought.

In this case I’d had a good run, but I still remained bullish so looking for an early opportunity to start the ball rolling again. I thought the boys and girls played a feint on earnings day by sending price down sharply so they could fill their boots on better than expected results. It seemed to me that somewhere near that “false” downside was worth an entry even though it wasn’t that far below where I’d cashed in. So the plan was to take a small bite and hold if it goes the wrong way and look for a reason for buying more (or selling out) around the 50% fib level.

The other change is that I’m actually buying the shares now so I’ll be getting the dividend next month unless it drops like a stone in the meantime.