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Hi All,

Does anyone know if any of the live charting packages/data feeds provide the option of P&F charts? I only want FTSE and possibly Dax at the moment.

Basically just for index trading.

I've not seen any Helen. Maybe it can be done by getting an RT feed into EXCEL and doing it that way. Maybe PCER or Robin can help....
Hi Madge, ermm Helen....

I suspect the cheapest about at the moment, for live PnF charts, is Pronet - Bullet has played with it, he may be able to offer some comment, although I know he wasn't overly impressed.
Indexia is one of the best for P&F charts although I would not currently recommend this as they are in a transition period, merging with Updata and at present the support is appaling. Not sure what your budget is.

AIQ also has P&F in it and if you are signed up for Mytrack Data then you can have a live point & Figure chart. However AIQ's P&F is slightly awkward to play with settings. Saying that however, If you only want this n the FTSE then you will probably only need to set your settings up once. Again, I am not sure whether your budget permits spending this much on getting live P&F charts.

I noticed your post for the P&F charts in Excel, very Nice. Mytrack does in fact provide, at a small additional charge, and interface to Excel for data. If you have a play I am sure it will not be too difficult to make this interact with the program you pointed out.

I did howevr notice that the Excel sheet you pointed out does not chart 1 point reversals properly. When one point reversals are used "x's" and "o's" should appear in the same column if there is only one reversal. That will however require a great deal of additional programming and it understandable why this would have been left out. It does however seem that people looking at intraday live charts often prefer using 1 point reversals.

Terry- I was under the impression that P&F RT was not available in AIQ......altough it is there for EOD... Have I been missing something all this time?
Hi Terry,

Thanks for that, I do hope to get AIQ with a live feed early next year, so I will look forward to playing with it.

I hadn't noticed the problem with the Excel P&F chart (thanks for pointing it out) but personally with type of index trading I want to do would never have the need for 1 point anyway. So maybe wiht some juggling I have the tools I need anyway.

Cheers and a Happy Christmas!
Point & Figure Charting

I use Tradestation 2000i and Interactive Brokers. Now with a clever piece of software I am able to get live data and charts from Liffe for only £20 per month and because I use Tradestation I am able to have whatever chart I want including Point and Figure. Of course buying Tradestation is not cheap but when I have compared it to paying for live datafeeds then it has paid for itself already. Just a thought

data feeds


You seem to be a big fan of IB.
What's the story with this broker?
How much is their data feed per month (taking out related exchange fees) ?
Do they offer any extensive charting tools?

I am thinking of signing up, went to their web-site, it's all greek to me.

Any chance you could summarize and save me the headache?

Much obliged

I use Tenfore/Quotespeed for trading the Dax future.Without doubt the best datafeed for the money and way quicker when running against the likes of e-signal side by side.Limited charting stuff though with only the basics and limited storage for back data.
I use it with Tradestation 2000i which is not available now but can be picked up cheap on the likes of Ebay(as little as $50 for a $3000 s/w package)
The p&f charting is good though(on QS)and for intraday trading the QS platform works well for me.My main benefit of QS is the clean data especially good when using a tick by tick chart.

Datafeed Costs


How much does your datafeed cost ? The reason I ask is that, as you use TS2000 which I do also, and because I am with IB I can get the enitre Eurex exchange data including the Dax future for 8 euros a month straight into TS2000 and then have P&F or whatever chart is required. So far I have found the speed and reliability second to none.


QS is fairly pricey but it seems to be the one that i use the best for my style of trading.I have tested it side by side with several others and to me it seems quicker but mort importantly like i state above the layout suits my scalping style.Ib route seems good idea though.
I believe updata ( have good P&F charting with live feed certainly available for ftse.

I use something called Sierra Charts ( with live feed through myBroker as it enables me to get all the US stuff as well as UK.

However, I'm pretty new to P&F (although hugely impressed with results to date) so would appreciate any other sources.

How much do you pay just for the IB feed and how long does it take to set up?


IB is a brokerage, and therefore you need to set up a trading account and fund it.

The minimum is £1,500 I believe to open an account, although you will need to have a minimum of $2,000 to initiate any stock trade, and when you do trade the minimum is 100 quantity for stocks, and single contracts for futures. You will also need to consider whether you have sufficient initial and maintenance margin for your trades. IMO there is little point in opening an account unless you can fund it with at least $5,000 for occasional stock trades; frequent stock trades will need a maintenance of $25,000 in your account.

Once you have your account funded, you elect which feeds you need and the fee for them will be deducted from your account. However, if you 'spend' a certain amount per month in commissions with them, they waive the fee. I believe for ES the amount of commissions needed is $30+ per month. If you don't spend this they charge you $10.

IB has no charting whatsoever - all you are getting is a trading account and a trading platform. However, as several have said, you can use the data which is going into the trading platform to run software programs and Excel.
IB Datafeed


Skimbleshanks has pretty much answered this question and as he says because I use Tradestation as my software platform I am able to use the IB datafeed straight into my software. In terms of how much it costs me per month, well for the US based futures it is $10 per month. If you wanted Liffe it would an additional £20 which is the exchange fee charged by Liffe.