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I dont agree with JR being banned from the board.

I think he had a great deal of knowledge he was willing to share openly even if it was in an unorthodox manner.

I was quite enjoying the banter between stevet and JR and dont think stevet had any personal issues with the tone of the thread IMO.

How do you feel?

Would you prefer the board with or without JR?


Hi Blash,

I received a similar email over the weekend from another member concerned by the banning of members. The response I sent them I shall copy and paste below for the benefit of others.


Thanks for your email. I certainly agree the boards would be nothing without the members. Certainly the biggest asset we have are the people who take the trouble to register and contribute to the site, and to them we owe our thanks.

While there may be hidden agendas on other boards, I can assure you there are none here. We're trying really hard to run an honest, respectable board which nurtures contributions for new members and appreciates the continued support of older, more experienced members.

Banning new members is a last resort measure and I can assure you never taken lightly. After all it's a self-defeating task for us - because every single trading contribution to the board is of value.

Whilst we recognise that people often have very different personalities and this is often reflected in their writing styles and choice of avatar/signature - we very much welcome this, because diversity brings with it richness and makes a forum like ours lively and interesting.

I'm not going to comment on individual cases because I don't think that's fair to the moderators (who may I say do an extremely good and often thankless job, and despite what some may think - this is a completely voluntary role) - but I think that it's fair to expect new members to treat other members and the moderators in the same way any new member would would want to be treated - that is to feel welcome and be treated with common courtesy and respect.

Like you mention there are often no easy answers, but I think we can only try to do what we think is in the best interests of the site - we're only human so we may get it wrong now and again, but most of the time I think we're doing okay.


Of course, one problem is that if you delete the offending messages and ban somebody, then the rest of us won't see the offending messages and understand why. Just a thought,


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riddle said:
Of course, one problem is that if you delete the offending messages and ban somebody, then the rest of us won't see the offending messages and understand why. Just a thought,

I think we need to take it at face value that the moderators will know what is good or not for the site.

If they deem it necessary to ban a person then I am sure that they take this action for the benefit of all of us.
That is all we really need to know.



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But it may not be us who are benefiting


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Perhaps we could put Johnny Rotten on a "Not for the feint hearted" thread ?

( et tu Brutus?)


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johnny rotten was obviously certifiable!

and its up to the owner of this forum if he wants to ban people or not, and he sure does not have to defend that, since hes the one whose gone to the work and expense to put this forum together

but this forum does come across as being a cosy tea party for a few hobbyists to back slap each other, and a few lurking amateurs who offer training

johnny rotten, either by nature or by design was out to create debate in order to learn - and thats good for him and good for anyone reading his posts - and if from that, the seed is sewn for someone to go from sweeping up at McDonalds to earning miilions of dollars trading, it seems no bad thing!
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With 5,650 members I am sure there are quite a few uf us......er, them who are certifiable!

I like to hear different points of view and sometimes it is good for someone to point out facts that might no be liked by the majority. But I haven't seen the offending posts and so can't comment on them.

Did Lord Jamla get banned? I miss his insane ranting about sheep and shepherds.


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I don't know what happened with JR here, but I do have a personal gripe I would like the moderators and sharky in particular to be aware of;

about a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a simple comment on one of the boards here, whereby I praised the starter of that thread - who was a lady - in making a diplomatic reply to a slightly rude comment made to her. In my comment, all I did was compare her lady-like and diplomatic attitude to that of HELENQU, who most of the peeps here will remember, and who USED to frequent these boards, until a difference with one of the moderators here. Helenqu got fed up and left because it was something that had happened many times before....

My question is simply this - why did my comment about Helenqu get deleted? OK, the post was not related to trading, but I was not insulting anyone at all. Yet, one of the moderators here decided to ammend it - without any explanation. Why? Doesn't this go against the grain of the nature of this website?

Reply from Sharky and co. would be much appreciated.


Hi dsmodi,

I'm unaware of the thread or the post which you refer to, so it's impossible for me to comment.

Posts and threads should neither be ammended or deleted unless there is good reason to. We're certainly not in the business of sanitising the boards - this idea of us having a cosy tea-party is actually quite insulting to all the hard work that is put into the running of the site to make it an open forum for trading debate.


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but this forum does come across as being a cosy tea party for a few hobbyists to back slap themselves and a few lurking amateurs who offer training

Mr Constructive as usual.


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I think you all do a terrific job in keeping the worst excesses
off the site. It's one of the things that makes T2W so good.

That said I have to say that I too was a bit surprised that
dsmodi's inoffensive post was amended (which I noticed at
the time). Just a glitch I hope.



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I've been coming to this site regularly for about a couple of years and I don't think it is a cosy tea party - but I know there is one moderator (the one that ammended my post - i can find it if u want sharky) who does treat it as a cosy tea party.... it only takes one bad apple ... (TBS take note of all of above and previous post).
Personally, I reckon it is that moderator who should be banned for a while anyway so that she/he knows what it's like.... appalling behaviour really ....

anyway - now that I've let off steam....


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In his short lived stay on the boards JR showed a good knowledge of probably the most important aspects of trading i.e. executions. risk and money management. He discoursed on this at a practical level - ie the nitty gritty of dealing with the issues that tend to plague traders.
I feel that he is a loss to the boards.
As an aside I have just noticed that the 2 votes that I had acquired and which were originally in a green box are now rather red shaded since my first response to the JR issue. Only certain people can alter these indicators on the site and as the number of actual votes is unchanged ...........??


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I think a thread started about Helen was deleted when you gave an explanation of what had happened. I might be wrong but that is my memory of the situation.

This might also be wrong but I think the problem started when a thread was moved from 'contemplating trading strategies' to 'Indicies' and it seemed a bad idea to move it as it started an argument that probably wouldn't have happened in the original message board.

Perhaps there should be a log of deleted posts, moved threads and banned members to avoid all the confusion.
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