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I have been trying to build a small and straightforward table
of links in my jounal.

Despite my best endeavours, it is apparent that the html
code does not work correctly in this environment..

Neither does it appear to work in the 'Comments' section.

What is the reason for this and can anything be done about it.

Or should I just give up trying ?

PS: The code I am using works correctly elsewhere.
Hi Bonsai,

I've posted an answer as a comment to the "problem entry". Have a look and see if it makes any sense.

It seems it must be me.
What you say makes perfect sense.
But for the life of me I cannot get it to work without
throwing a series of line breaks.
I have added a further comment on the precise procedure
I followed having seen your note and the subsequent failure.

Should I now give up ?
Certainly not!

You followed my steps precisely and that *should* have worked. I did exactly the same thing in a test entry on my own journal and just like you I still had the problem with the line spaces. So you managed to find a bug in the system, in so far as when you create a journal as a text entry it won't then let you switch to an html entry even if you sepcify this when you edit the entry.

I've now fixed this so that it also updates the text/html status, and when I tested it myself it now works. So give it another try now and I you should be pleasantly suprised!
Bingo !
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