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Since the Journals forum is bare bones and doesn't allow for attaching images, how 'bout a thread somewhere that is reserved for the images that would ordinarily be posted to a journal? The journalist can then link to the image and provide annotated illustrations of what he's looking at and/or doing. The link need not necessarily be live. Interested readers could copy and paste it into their locater window manually in order to access the chart.
Nothing wrong with doing that - in fact people can just attach images to this thread if they want and then link through to them (or include them) in the journal entry, as a temporary fix.

I will say, we're in the midst of rolling a brand new journal system much more like that will hopefully prove to be robust and popular. There are quite a few new features of the site currently being rolled out - there really is an exciting year ahead! :D
Db thank you for anticipating.

As a scalper I would applaud a place to freely journal and refine my exclusive (sometimes hard to follow for not intimi :cheesy: )ways of
1] maket mapping
2] definition of risk-appetite and limits
3] isolate potential points of operation (pppo)
4] manage money
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Unfortunately, there's no "help" for the Journals forum, but you could contact someone who's maintained a journal there to find out how it works, or figure it out yourself. In any event, when you're ready to go, just provide people you think might be interested with a link so that they know where to find you and post your charts here, with links, so that you can illustrate whatever it is you're journalling.