JFK Assassination: Killed by accident? Can't find YT program


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I recently, (over past 3 weeks) watched a YT program which described the JFK assassination in, to my mind, a plausible manner.
Basically, Oswald fired two shots using full-metal-jacket bullets. One of which hit JFK in the throat.
However, in the ensuing panic, the Secret Service car, following behind the main car, one of agents was lifting up an AR-15 assault rifle, and "accidentally" fired off a round.
(I think the following car braked, or something, causing the agent to lose balance)

Anyway, that was the thesis presented, to explain how the bullet that killed JFK was an assault round, and why the damage to JFKs head was massively different to the damage caused by Oswalds throat shot. (I think it also explained why the trajectory of the throat shot was different to the head shot: one high up, and one from level and behind)


Does the above ring any bells for anyone?
I really want that link, as i thought it a really good explanation, without any need for the conspiracy nutters.
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The programme was probably based on work by Howard Donahue which was formed into a book "Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed Jfk" by Bonar Menninger.

Searching using these terms might bring up your link.
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It is not so difficult to get videos that explain it, you just have to look carefully at the amount of time to get it, I remember that it lasted more than 30 minutes and I also found it very good and interesting from beginning to end.

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