I have heard about a company selling a manual for £300 that they claim tells you how to predeict movement etc. the company is Called ITS. Has anyone heard of them or even got the manuals??? The website is

Any opinions will be greatly received

I'd say,'s probably £300 down the pan.. because I haven't seen it. My advice would be steer clear. Much better to spend your money on a couple og good books on Technical Analysis- Murphy's "technical Analysis of the Financial Markets" is an excellent buy at £30-40. Search our book store for a good price. I can predict movements, as can a lot of others on this BB.....the thing is, it's very hard, comes with experience, and for every one that's picked correctly, there's another that's wrong. Take a look at the thread on SCTN. I predicted that would break out. I didn't know when, but I did know how much.There's many I have predicted that were dismal failures. It's a long road that you are embarking on.....
Hi Dave,
The ITS thing that you are refering to is the secondary/seperate part to the FTS course. This, (fts)has been running a long time and is geared towards beginners. With the ITS course being designed for pure technical analysis of charts being aimed at the person with more understanding, and has only been going for a few years.
You can buy the manuals for both without the course(s), but the course brings it all together. I went on the FTS course shortly after I first started out and like most things is just down to common sense. (Once you know).
This knowledge is something you have to aquire one way or another.
Having just said that, I seem to remember that the FTS course was free. (came with the price of the manual.)
Though in practise after; there were a lot of things that I haven't used/ don't work (all the time.)
ITS do claim to be able to pinpoint the top 3 shares of each trading day and if certain conditions aren't met you don't trade.
Of course this leads to computers, software, price feeds, brokers, Spread betting etc etc. and which one to choose. After you have been on the course you are going to have what they use aren't you? unless you are already trading and have a trading system in place. In which case your system might not be compatable.
There are a lot of rip offs about out there, all with claims of this and that. Though I will say what I learnt from the FTS course has been useful and was a good basis to build on and never made wild cliams.
But it has taken me years to get a good understanding of this, and it doesn't matter how many years, days, months, or however long you study. You only start 'learning' the day you start trading. That's when it all becomes as clear as mud.
Thing is it's such a personal thing. Read the wrong books, go on the wrong courses, and the hole in your pocket becomes big as soon as you trade.
Look over the boards here, If you can; come into the trading rooms. Ask questions, there's a fair wealth of trading talent/knowledge there. just don't ask for a share tip! we wouldn't want to be responsible for any losses. But we may be able to help the way you trade. And you will certainly gain a greater understanding of the market/trading etc.

Hi Dave
I have been on both of the courses mentioned and while it is true the content could well be found in books, on BBs and by "DIY" I think that they represent good value for money.

The original FTS package was a manual and a two day course at their HQ in Porlock Somerset. The manual is very much common sense but is written so that a complete beginner can understand the concept of trading shares and options. Theories about oversold/overbought levels, targets, stop and reverse etc etc are dealt with. The course which was included in the package was much more chart oriented and was the precursor to the newer ITS Charting and TA course which had not been developed when I went on the original course. The 2 day FTS original I found extremely interesting, remembering that I was a beginner.

The ITS manual was published later and was all charting and TA - fairly basic stuff but well presented. The one day course was an extra charge and took place at a Hotel near Henley-on-Thames. The course presenter was a broker from one of the big names, also attending was a full time share trader whose name I forget at the moment. About 6 people were on this course so you got lots of individual attention. Interestingly the emphasis on that day was not the same as the content of the ITS manual. While the manual dealt with trading reversals and using traded options as the vehicle; the course was mainly about identifying and riding on stocks which were hitting new highs. Note that I attended in November 2000. The bit about picking 3 stocks was NOT well done. The trader used AIQ and Omnitrader to select his stocks using EOD data.

Overall score B+

Hope that helps