Is This Course Unknown?


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This is my first post here so please go easy on me!!

I've read numerous posts over the past week and have been wanting to post this query, but have been put off doing so for fear of being SHOT down!

Anyway, I've done it now so here goes...

I've read a lot about - dare I say it - DW and VS, mostly all negative, but I haven't seen any posts on a guy called Todd Mitchell (American). I was tempted to purchase his course, but after reading some of the posts stating that those selling courses usually are the ones who have failed at trading, I declined.

I was just curious to know though if anyone here has bought his course and if so what did they think of it. At $1495 it's not cheap!

I have since found a free ebook by Joe Ross, which I have now subscribed to, you get a couple of chapters every week/two weeks. At least it is free so it might give me some base to start from. However, I have read that to trade using ross hooks is for experienced traders so maybe the manual is not for beginners, I've only just started to read it so I'll have to see how it goes.

I must say that I did find the post by FTSE Beater on the basics of trading very useful as a starting point so thanks for that.



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catbounce said:
I have since found a free ebook by Joe Ross, which I have now subscribed to, you get a couple of chapters every week/two weeks.

Sue, you don't need to wait for the drip-feed every couple of weeks. Just go up a level to the parent directory from the URL they gave you and you can get all the chapters - albeit one-by-one - in one go.

As for being shot down - unlikely unless you're trying to sell a seminar covertly.


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Hi Tony

Thanks for the reply, I will go and look at that.

Maybe I was a bit harsh with the 'shot down' bit, but I was afraid if I put too much info about Todd Mitchell and his course that others would see it just as you said and think I was plugging it for him.

Anyway, just mentioning his name is enough to get any feedback if anyone here has taken his course.



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Hi Catbounce,

Save your money, book yoursel in with Naz , tell him what level you are at in trading/technical analysis and I'm sure he will give you what you need a lot cheaper and 1-2-1.



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triplepack, I found your reply to catbounce not particularly useful. I found this website through google, also looking for info on Todd Mitchell.

Do you have (or know someone who has) any actual experience with the TM course?

'save your money' ? - I have spent as much for a year of education or recommendations or other info, that turned out to have little value to me at my stage of knowledge. Will TM be any better? I don't know, which is why I am here.

'Naz ... will give you what you need ... 1-2-1' ? Does TM not do that on as many free (i.e. no extra charge after the initial course charge) phone calls/emails for life as he advertises - I've not seen anyone else offer this. For an additional fee, TM says he will work with you 1-2-1 for two days in his office, then you can come back as often as you want for a year, no additional charge.

TM offers a 30 day money back guarantee - do you have info that he does not make good on it? I'm not sure 30 days is long enough for a thorough evaluation, but at least there is the option of bailing at or before that point - more than most offer.

The problem I have with TM is he doesn't tell you much about his methods until you actually plunk down the money. While I am quite willing to spend that much or even more on a course if it puts me on a profitable path, it's very hard to know in advance if the course will do that - kind of like predicting the markets What I find attractive about his offer is the money back guarantee (though 90 days would have been desirable) and the free lifetime support if you stay with him.

I suppose this sounds like either a plug for TM or a cut against triplepack - it is neither, I just found TM's website less than a week ago and would like more info before I decide to sign up.

By-the-way, who or what is Naz? Is there a website or email address?


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Naz is a T2W resident expert tutor on Nasdaq and Level II trading. You can find his details on the T2W homepage. He resides in the UK so it is more cost effective for UK residents to go to him than it would be to use someone in the US.



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Hello catbounce,

As you have already have the Free Trading Manual from Joe you might find it as well useful to know that there will be Joe Ross seminars in May in the UK.
You will find the dates soon in the Event Diary on this WebSite.

If you are interested in a Free 'Beginners Guide for Futures Trader' written by Joe please drop me your e-mail as a private message so I can send it to you.



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Hi there mkeitkoe,

I wonder whether you would be prepared to send me the beginners guide mentioned in the above post? I'll pm my email address in case you are.

BTW - I'm just reading Joe's first book ''Trading by the Book'' - are you trading Ross Hooks?? I've read you comments on this subject but other threads with much interest!




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Hello fastnet,

you have an answer in your Private Messages.

Yes, I am trading the Ross Hooks. In fact my entry points I am using is a Ross Hook,

after a breakout of a Trading Range
after a breakout of a Ledge
after a breakout of a 1-2-3 (high or low)

In some market I use as well the Trader Trick Entry but as I am mostly Trading Futures Spreads (not Spreadbetting!) I don't use the TTT as there is no stop running ;-)

Trading by the Book is a very good book. If you would like to learn more variations about Ross Hooks you find this in Trading the Ross Hook, but Iam sure you'll find already a lot in the book you are currently reading.



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Cheers Mike - and thanks for the PM.

So do you exclusively trade spreads now?? Would you mind sayin if there was any particular reason for this? There seems to be much less written about spread trading although I notice that JR has written another book about it!!!

I understand the principle and the actual mechanics behind trading of spreads but is there realy an edge available for the private trader? What are the main advantages? It would be great th hear replies to these questions from someone like you who is actually trading spreads rather than trying to sell a book.

Thanks again and have a good w/e



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Why Trading Spreads?

Hi fastnet,

yes, at the moment I do exclusively trade Spreads. My main reason for this is my time:

1) Spreads have lower time requirements:
I still have another full time job and this doesn't allow me to sit in front of the monitor during the day and watch the charts. I do my Spread trade selection at the weekend and pick my Spreads I would like to watch during the week (max 2 Spreads).
As I trade Futures Spread at the US markets I just have to follow my Spreads 30min before the markets close (that's my Trading Plan) and usually I am home then.

2) Spread tend to trend more nicely and longer
if a Spread starts trending the trend stays longer as in the normal outright futures contracts.

3) Spreads have lower margin requirements
4) Excellent Charts
For trading Spreads I don't need Live data feeds (which lowers as wll the costs of trading). All you need are the charts from MRCI and delayed data (I'm using futuresource - they can display Future Spreads)

You see there is a lots of reasons for me for Trading Spreads.

You can go to YOu can subscribe for Free to the Weekly Spread trading Newsletter from Joe Ross. Every week there is one Spread discussed with Entry points, ect..

Please note: Before and after Christmas time the market sometimes could go a bit crazy (because of vacation they might have low volatility). I usually stop trading by mid Dec. So don't forget to check the volume.

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