Is the Seminar on the Dow still on????


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Is it still on? at Heathrow - Its been removed from the events section - or is full ? the one by Mr Charts (or Chartman!!) and FTSE Beater - Just Curious!! :confused:
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If it did go ahead, one would hope that CM's analysis examples did not include weekly Dow up/down or (as the Dow comp shows) people would've got their accounts drained !

A fine effort by an expert that .......


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Thats Closed - Just tell me - Did it happen Yes/No ???

C'mon FTSEBeater you read every post - please reply :(


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I am sorry to say that reading that link has left me a bit disappointed about a few ppl on this site.........the same 'seemingly helpful' ppl who were always quick to criticise anybody peddling a system or seminar have turned out to have had the same agenda all along......................tells u a lot about human nature, doesn't it?


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General- you're right. My weekly Dow entries for the comp have caused my trading account to be totally drained to less than zero. Bad luck eh?


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I suspect that it happened, and was so good that everybody concerned is speechless or have been advised to keep 'schtum' lest they invoke the inconsolable jealousy of those who were unfortunate enough not to attend.........

I am convinced that this is the case.... :confused:
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