Is it time???? - REF


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Reflec (REF) The darling of the private investor at the back end of last year. Soared from 3.5p in September 2000 to 38p a little over a year ago in Jan 2001. Has since dived to a low of 6.75 two days ago only to bounce on large volumes to todays price of 9.5p.

It would seem to me that resistance has now been broken and with positive newsflow the price could be heading north. Wait for confirmation before diving in but I have a sneaking feeling that following a trading update today ( maybe engineered as a result of the 6.75p ) there just might be some newspaper coverage over the weekend.

I could be wrong - it wouldn't be the first time.

Have a good weekend

resistance @16p so plenty of potential. Two days close above down trend is enough to qualify as "confirmed breakout" other indicators look good, but if you go in, watch for a volume drop or a move from stochastics currently @ 100.....
Another good day thats 3 on the spin.

715% Avg Vol. +6.5%

Should have taken a handsome profit at 10 3/4 this morning (I have 100k) but just missed it 10 1/2 would have been just as nice. If it goes again tommorrow I WILL take a profit.

Good luck

Bit more in it I feel. Notice the long upper tail on the candle- bulls were pushing hard but couldn't close at high of day, so a weakening I feel.Volume/price is dropping and stochastics falling from 100.past stochastics falling from 100 are a pre-cursor to a drop in price looking at past chart analysis.Hope you're lucky....